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  1. I want a free conversion. (I have a home conversion, but wouldn't mind having it redone professionally) 4th of july plans include my famous 2" thick black angus ribeye steaks shared with lots of friends and family.
  2. so yeah, its October 2012, where are we at on the double stack situation?
  3. W....T....F needs to happen to get this installed on my S12 right now. no, srsly, like right now.
  4. quoted for truth. you aren't going to get anything better for the price
  5. 599 is the usual going price for an unconverted around here. then again, its been a bit since I've really looked. I would never pay upwards of 900 for an unconverted - thats just crazy. I think I paid around 549 at the time for my S12.
  6. i went with one of carolina shooters supply kits http://store.carolinashooterssupply.com/servlet/-strse-CONVERSION-KITS-cln-SAIGA-12/Categories it was a one-stop shop. the conversion is crazy easy if you're a DIYer.
  7. Imagine seeing the under-mounted RJ S12 with a drum....I would die laughing.
  8. In the late 19th century most if not all ammunition had rims such as this .303 British - which was centerfire. then at some point they dropped the whole rim idea and went with what we know today, where the rim doesn't extend past the overall diameter: why, since every other round in the world went down this road, did the .22 not follow suite way back then? I get how now its way too late to change, but that doesn't explains why it wasn't corrected. The same goes for the brass base of shot shells. they COULD have chosen to design the base where the rim doesn't protrude. Why
  9. Random thought. I know way back in the day, all sealed cartridges had rims, I think even center-fire rounds. Than at some point (when was that btw?) they lost their rims and went with what we have today (not sure if the design has a specific name). But it seems like .22LR and shot shells kept the rims. Why? When the industry was converting over to rimless, they didn't they hop aboard. Imagine what ridiculous awesome guns we'd have nowadays if .22LR and shot shells weren't rimmed. What does this hold for the future? It seems like its too late to change now. Will shot-shells and .22 ever loo
  10. Uh oh. I just coated my 12 inside and out with pickup bed liner, figuring it would then be as tough as a pickup bed. You think I may have a few cycling issues? there's nothing more durable than fully coating the inside of your barrel with bed liner. make sure you double coat the bolt, carrier and spring too.
  11. AtlSaiga

    Quad Rails

    silly rabbit. its not about being able to hold it up at the range and shoot wally world bulk (which is apparently what a large majority of S12 owners do). This gun is more than a HD weapon. I have to consider every possible scenario. One such "what if" is, what if you have to run with your weapon though miles and miles and miles of urban environment evading anything from gang members to zombies? after several miles at full tilt, you're gonna be WISHING you weren't carrying a 15lb shotgun. I don't care how roided up you are or how many times you've gone though P90X, all human muscles eventually
  12. AtlSaiga

    Quad Rails

    Like mentioned above, they have been implicated in malfunctions, not just due to the clamping, but also because they are bulky and can adversely affect the harmonics of the gun causing malfunctions. They are also unnecessary unless you are mounting a bunch of accessories all over your gun and if you are, you shouldn't be. They also look like AirSoft or "Mall Ninja" rigs If you want to mount a VFG, light or optic, there are smarter ways to do that. quoted for truth. not to mention adding gross amounts of weight. my stock unconverted S12 was 7.5lbs. after the conversion it
  13. Strikefire - huge (6+") and heavy (7+oz). Sparc - 20mm tube + no auto-off + $200 = deal breaker. Razor - at almost $500 I might as well get an Aim or Trig.
  14. isn't chaos working on that? I hope its gonna happen, nobody is a fan of vaporware.
  15. I think I might just have to go with one of those. Combined with the new CSS mount, it seems like a very decent set up for a HD shotgun all for around $130 total. I looked into a cmore RTS, but at almost $400, its a bit out of range.
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