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  1. Are you retarded? Rudy is the leading anti-gunner amongst all republicans. He lead the charge in gun lawsuits and in oppressive laws through the 90s. He was one of the prime republican figures pushing for the original assault weapons ban. And he never stopped pushing for national gun control except in the past couple of years. Fred Thompson will be running and he is completely pro-gun. Just yesterday he was quoting Don Kates when attacking the NY Times for misrepresenting the state of 2nd amendment scholarship.
  2. Since we're already going to be breaking the 10 rd barrier, "in for a penny, in for a pound."
  3. You guys are kidding yourselves if you think any of these ideas would be patentable. Unless you come up with a new drum design rather than adapting old designs to new calibers, it fails due to prior art and obviousness. The only mag designs I can think of that could be patentable in recent memory are: -90 round AR snail drums -that top mount mag for the P90 -windable chinese drums (patent expired by now) -beta mag (patent expired by now I think) -calico rotary mags (expired by now) All of the other drums I have seen look like they are based off WWII era designs. Nothing wrong with tha
  4. No one ever doubted the legality of drums, everyone was worried that after the drums started being produced, ATF would declare the saiga a DD. This wouldnt make anything illegal per se, but it would make saigas illegal to import and it would kill the saiga market in this country.
  5. No, it's going out of that committee into the rules committee which is not stacked full of anti-gunners but instead stacked full of rural pro gun democrats. You have to understand that: 25 members is still only 1/17th of the house. This even close to ten percent yet. Certainly not a majority. The judiciary committee will pass out any anti-gun bill. It is composed of half anti-gun democrats and half pro-gun republicans. There are 1-2 pro-gun dems on the judiciary committee and 1-2 anti-gun republicans. Basically the anti-gunners have a 1 seat majority on the judiciary comittee. The jud
  6. Pedal2Alloy Yeah genius, because the ATF will never notice that you are selling drums over the internet unless you call them up and tell them beforehand. Such a fucking dumbshit. This isnt like some guy in the backwoods making an unregistered grease gun and not telling anyone- you are actually going out onto the internet and selling controversial items in public. Dont you think the ATF at least watches the major internet gun sites? How much of a secret do you think your plan to sell drums to the public will be? You are asking permission because you need permission. You need permission be
  7. Mike, are you bipolar? I am getting a huge manic phase vibe off of you. You seriously need to calm the fuck down and get your shit properly squared away before you take these plans of yours any further.
  8. Figuring out the obvious legal repercussions of your actions before you fuck over the saiga 12 owners community is not too much to ask. From your previous posts, you obviously have no understanding whatsoever of federal firearms law OR administrative law. What youre doing isnt brave, it's stupid. When AGP got criticized for planning to make 10 rd mags, their response was to CONTACT THE ATF. The ATF said it was fine and they wouldnt reclassify the saiga-12. The ATF also said that more than 10 rounds would NOT be fine. That is all it takes to shut us "whiners" up. Contact the ATF and g
  9. Yeah, the ATF is really quick that way. Let us know in a few months when the approval goes through.
  10. Theyre choosing to ignore the private market. Hopefully theyll come to realize what a stupid idea that is.
  11. 195 for the gun, I think 350 for tony to mod it, another 100 for the laser, another 200 or so for the agp mags. Another 30 bucks for ammo at a gun show.
  12. Dudes, that is plenty serious enough. Whether the world ends is really not important. If you are dead, the world is over for you. Something as "mild" as what happened in LA or chocolate city is more than enough to put an end to anyone's world. Lots of people died during both of those events, a good portion at the hands of their fellow men. What did it for me RKBA wise was seeing the koreans defending themselves with AK47s from the roofs of their houses and stores and not getting their neighborhoods looted. I now have an AK47 with a few thousand rounds of ammo, a few hundred of which are l
  13. I usually call back around the time I am promised something to check on status. Tony always surprised me by calling me first to let me know it was done ahead of time. As a former programmer I can appreciate that things sometimes get behind schedule. I had to be extra patient with the guy who welded all my intercooler and exhaust tubing and extra patient with olympic arms when they held my upper for ages because they didnt have uzi mags (which I didnt want anyway). As long as people just tell me honestly what the problem is, I have absolutely no grief over waiting or going without. I've be
  14. A shotgun only becomes a short barrelled shotgun when it becomes less than 26" OAL or 18" barrel length. A saiga with no buttstock and an 18" barrel is still about 27-28" long. It hasnt become an SBS or AOW. To become an SBS, you would need to cut down the barrel below 18" or cut off enough receiver to render the gun non-functional. To make a saiga AOW, you would need to bend an AK pistol receiver (it is the same as a normal AK only with different guts and barrel) and build up your saiga on it. And it would still cost 200 dollars unless you were an SOT (in which case it would be free
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