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  1. God bless, brother...

    Happy birthday up there.

  2. May God bless and keep you.

  3. Go for it. I think thats what this forum is all about. People helping people.
  4. or spyder gears may have broke. that heppened in my wrangler. check your rear punkin.
  5. Yeh im still thinking about letting the 223 go. Besides its not my only gun and i did buy it for an investment.
  6. OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Than at least twice a day. Per Gun that is.
  7. Getting well is my #1 goal! Thank you. But how many times can you clean your guns a day?
  8. I dont like cat! Im saving the dog though. Besides there are lost of dove around here ,and flying rats.mmmmmmmmmm rat.
  9. Thanks again everybody.csspecs i tuuned the water heater down to the lowest setting. I will put up a clothsline today. This should help. Gothmog let me know the next time you guys meet at the shooting park,sounds like fun.
  10. Thanks! I may put up a cloth line this week to help on the power abit. It's starting to get warm here in vegas.
  11. Yeh thats what figured. I will hold on to the guns and cut back on everything else lots of projects around the house to keep me going for awile. I know unemployment is up there now. but i cant wait to go to work again! what ever it is. Oh yeh and say goodbuy to cancer!
  12. I have fallen on hard times. I only have 2 chemo treatments left they are covered. Im unemployed now doc wont let me work,but i have a few prospects. My question is should i sell my unconverted un fired s-223,and or a unconverted s-12 w/ about 250 rounds through it? Im in both guns for around $750.00 Or wait it out and eat top ramen for 2 months,and turn off cable tv and yes i can live w/out tv.
  13. Never should have gone to court. Glad he's done with bs...
  14. Paulyski thanks that will work. I can't wait till sunday.
  15. Ok door bell rang this guy asks me if i have time to answer questions, i said no. He is coming back sunday.How can i tell this guy to go pound sand,politely? What questions do i have an obligation to answer? Thanks!
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