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  1. I will take some pics tonight and I will ship the draco or sell in state. The asking price is $550.00. Will have pics tonight. Sorry
  2. I have a Draco pistol with two 30 rd mags for sale. I have fired the pistol twice and am looking to sell it or trade for a M10 7.62x39. Also have black furniture for it also.
  3. The case is hitting the dust cover. You can put car door corner protector to try and help with the case damage.

  5. I need the whole thing no just the post.
  6. I am looking to buy a Saiga 308 front sight. This is the original one. I had mine and started performing a conversion and lost the front sight. Please Help Me.
  7. I have a PTR-91 so I know how to use the sights and have owned an Ak since I was 18 so I now that the AK sights are not the best. I know that silver soilder will affect the metal but we are talking about the dust cover in the rear and the gas block in the front. I am not going to be heating up the barrel and if I was I have seen peaople use some wood in the barrel to prevent any damage.
  8. I am about to put hk sites on my 308 and was wondering if anyone out there has done it themselves or do they take it to the gunsmith? I would like to put it on with silver soilder and would like to know how you lined them up. I was thinking of buying a bore sight and using that after installing the rear sight. Tell me what you think.
  9. It is marked pistol, was made in Romania, made by Romarm, and I got this from a person at a gun show. Ready to move
  10. new price and ready to move this fast. get while you can $710.00
  11. will you ship the ammo? how much for the wolf and the brown bear togeather?
  12. I am first in line. i have a ptr-91 so hk mags would do me wonders.
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