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  1. The big issue I had were with the fed bulk ammo I run for most of the 3 gun stages, if I load from a closed bolt often enough I would deform the round enough to cause it to not feed the top round. I found it eaiser to yank the bolt back with my left hand, right hand push bolt lock up, drop the mag, reload, and finally twist the gun so I can chamber with my left hand. I got pretty quick at it. Mostly I will only run the drum for the first part of a stage, any reloads are done with stick mags.
  2. I love my cobra choke It makes all the difference when shooting clays, and I get my shot much further out there. With out the choke you gotta be fast, it gets out of range of the 19in barrel real quick.
  3. Buy some federal bulk and maybe some quality ammo along with that, and shoot it. If you can run the fed bulk you are gtg, but don't bother with the winchester universal, that stuff distorts and jams really easy...
  4. lol I'm clickin on every picture that comes up hoping for something funny... so far just pictures
  5. I love it It almost looked like a joke/hack but it has a serious note with a fun overtone. Very well done IMO. And my S12 is in my zombie pack.
  6. and I need your avatar picture as a bumper sticker...
  7. That would piss me off It looks like you have the V plug or was that with the factory plug?
  8. I would let it go NFA, and if I had to pay out of pocket for the $200 I would... And I would also go SBS... If free I would throw in $200 for a silencer for one of my guns at the same time.
  9. I wanted one for my 4x4 kit, stick it in there with my jack and med supplies... I went down to buy one and holding the top heavy thing I could not bring my self to buy one... If your looking for a cheap gun look around I ended up buying a used Keltec P11 for $200 otd for truck use... I also picked up a $300 Glock 22 police trade-in, it serves as my beater/camping/boat gun. If you want cheap, keep looking, deals are out there for very good deals.
  10. I have not really had an issue with it, I just use a small screw driver and lift the spring up and over once everything is together. Now if you get the spring in backwards it's a pain in the ass
  11. lol at the vid, I watched the whole thing And don't take shit guys say serious, main thing is to look at what others have done and decide what you want. I think the zombie thing is funny, I use it often. It's a way for me to say I know I don't need this but I want. Feel free to copy my setup, it rocks.
  12. I have been holding off buying any more stick mags since I heard about these.... it's been a while now. Ordered another drum the other day tho.
  13. http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?/topic/43443-s-12-winchoke-adapters/ I put one on my S12, makes it so you can use standard winchokes
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