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  1. I use my 410 for hunting and it would be nice to have the adjustable choke set up on it. My S20 I just use for fun and to get my feet wet in the customization of the saiga products. Wish I could get a small drum for it, say around 12 rounds.
  2. Have one on my S20 and my S12, nothing for the poor S410 though.
  3. My SAR1 is what started the AK bug for me. Still have it and it still shoots perfect. The insides show that the rifle has been shot a lot. Almost time to replace hammer as it started mushrooming around the edges some years ago and now pieces are starting to break off the mushroom. Recoil springs are very soft but the action is unbelievably smooth. Amazing what many, many, many cases of ammo will do for an AK. For some reason I don't get the bug to shoot my Sar3 like the Sar1 and I have hardly even fired my Sar2. Very nice find and a great price. For that price I would add yet another Sar to my collection.
  4. Polychoke on my S12 and S20 because I use them for hunting and wanted the versatility of the multiple choke settings. I run the Poly choke slotted version on all my hunting shotguns so the saigas are not special in that regard.
  5. Like with most all new AK's a little automotive valve lapping compound on the rubbing surfaces and hand cycling it about a hundred times then a good deep cleaning and all will be great. I do this with all my AK's rifle or shotguns. My S12, S20 and S410 will shoot the lightest of light loads with no issues. The 410 and the 12 are not modified at all. I tell those who want to skip this step to get several boxes of turkey loads and have at it on the lightest setting. Does the same thing as the lapping compound just cost a little more in shells. Other option send it back and let them tell you it works perfectly.
  6. took a look at mine and I think I would have tapered the rivet. Should not take much to insure reliable insertion.
  7. Works great but wish they would have used the 12 round drum body of the 12ga. version in lieu of the 20round body. Seems like such a large housing for so few shells. Still very happy with it.
  8. got mine today, did not take me long to get it loaded up. Will take it out this weekend and see how she works.
  9. you should run your cases through the resizer and this would be a non issue. I am seeing more and more people not resizing when they reload. I guess I am just old school, I resize every single round be it 12, 20, 28 or 410.
  10. When you consider how long the Saiga line has actually been available to the US market it would surprise you. It took a long time before it gained the popularity it enjoys now. I bought my Saiga 410 at a gun show not even aware of what Saiga was. Just an AK and 410 freak. The two combined made it a gun I had to have. found the receipt the other day. $175 OTD new in box, should have bought a bunch of them. Just did not know what I was getting into. Now I can get 30 round magazines for it. Never even crossed my mind when I purchased it. Just wanted a little hunting gun.
  11. that is the same design I used in my Saiga 410 to block the magazines down. Works great, rattles a little but I figure with the gun going off no one is going to notice. Really glad to see some items coming out for this new toy. Going to be interesting to see how people mod this one.
  12. There is no utility right of way in your home. the only right of way is up to and including the meter. After that it is all your responsibility. there is absolutely no reason for them to come into the house unwelcome. They can turn it on and check it for you as a convenience but not out of necessity. The next step would be to lock off the gas system to your house and have you get the local municipality to verify that it is safe to turn back on, This can get very expensive to have a licensed contractor come to the house and put the lines inside your home under test, then wait for inspection by the municipality. Even if you go that route you still have the right to be there when the inspections take place. They really have no business inside your home without your permission.
  13. I know the horse is dead rotten and stinky but I have to ask Any word on S20 drums? The 410 drums seem to be getting good reviews and I know the S12 drums work very well. My 410 drum should be here soon and that just gets the bug for a drum for the 20 going again.
  14. I bought this Saiga with the idea of doing the basic conversion (trigger group, stock, pg). I ended up doing the conversion before ever firing a shot out of it. I took it to Ben avery to see how it worked and was very pleased then a member on another forum mentions the adapter. My interest was peaked so I ordered the adapter, which came without any instructions or place on the web to look for them. I was a little nervous about just grinding on a new rifle to make an, unknown to me, product work. Very happy I did though. The versatility of having lots of mags available is nice. I see some even put in the bullet guide. I chose not to do this. I have not had one single feed issue so I most likely will not add the guide. I have done the bullet guide on my 7.62x39 saiga so it would run regular AK mags. That is also an easy and very nice modification. Still looking for an alternative for the 308 mag. Will be interested to see what your results are. I have a couple buddies wanting it done to their rifles but would like to see if it works as well on others first.
  15. forgot to answer questions $76 shipped to my door I think it took about a week turn around. I did not think it would show up as quick as it did but some times surprises are good. pics of the adapter
  16. I finally had a chance to get the rifle to the range and run it through its paces. I put 6 30round mags through it without a hiccup. I switched back and forth with the original saiga mags and the AR mags with adapter. I wanted to make sure the lock up was consistent. I can now say that I am a big fan of this conversion. installation included fitting the adapter to the rifle. This required a minor touch with the dremel to the original mag release, I believe this will be a case by case issue as it was very minor but allowed the release button for the AR clearance when installing. Next the mag well opening needed a little opening up to clear the AR mag. Then the fun part removing enough metal from the front trunion to allow the AR mag to sit in deep enough to lock up and feed properly. Attached are the photos of the areas I had to work on.
  17. I ordered it from Mike Thomas, got h is name from a member on another forum. There is no markings of manufacturer so I am not sure if he makes them or is just a third party. Cbryan is correct, there is a little metal that needs to be removed for the AR mag to go in all the way to set properly. This does not affect the operation of the original magazine. Installation (after fitted) is as easy as installing an AK mag. Once the adapter is installed the AR mags install the same as they would in any AR. The big advantage for me is the large collection of AR mags and not having to buy a bunch more mags to feed the Saiga. I can't wait to run the beta mag through it:)
  18. I picked up an S223 last week and ordered the parts for the basic conversion from Dinzag arms (thanks again for help with another conversion). While looking through another forum I found a gentleman who had done an AR mag conversion which allowed the use of the original Saiga mag. I got the contact info of the guy who makes the adapter and promptly ordered it. The magwell arrived this afternoon and I proceeded to get it installed. It works great in my test area. I need to get it to the range and see how it works with a variety of AR mags. I know it still works great with the original Saiga mag but need to see how it does with different brands of AR mags.
  19. I am sure the suppressor could be installed the same way I did my compensator. If you already have the barrel threaded you may consider purchasing one of the suppressor that are close in bore size the the 17x1 and just tap it out to the 17x1 thread needed. If you still need to tap the barrel why not use a common thread pattern?
  20. Here is a picture of the alignment tool. You can seen that I had to step the tool down as the first chamber has a slightly larger hole than the exit hole. I did this so there would be no chance that the compensator would not be perfectly in line with the barrel. I am sure there is an easier way but for me this works well. I just take the front sight block off install the alignment tool, tack the sight block to the compensator, remove the set and finish welding/sanding and painting then reinstall. Next week I will put on one my 7.62x39 Saiga and see if it makes as much difference.
  21. Sorry for the delay in getting back with pics.
  22. I just removed the front sight and welded it to the sight block. I made an alignment tool for the compensator on the lathe, inserted the tool into the barrel and put on the compensator. Welded the compensator on took the assembly off and removed the tool then reinstalled the sight block and compensator. Now to do the same to my 7.62x39 saiga.
  23. I finally fixed my S308. From the day I bought it I never liked the way it shot. The sporting stock on a 16" barrel and the factory trigger we awful. I did a simple conversion to the saw type grip with a T6 stock, tapco trigger...... I still was not happy with it,just a little rude to shoot. I put a JP enterprises tactical compensator on it and now it shoots nicer than any of my 556 rifles. I will of course snap a couple pictures later today and add them.
  24. 6x6pinz

    new to me 308

    I have some decent surplus ammo which works well in all my 308 rifles. I had no issues with the Saiga and this ammo but will have to check the forum for other options. I did a conversion on my S20 but left my 410 and 12 stock. Don't really notice the trouble with the triggers in the shotguns or my S223 and S762x39. I was surprised by the S308 though. Oh well a good reason to do the conversion. I guess I can put the tapco collapsible stock on my s223 for fun.
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