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  1. i just lucked out and got a used one on gunbroker for 375, it was a 350 opening bid with 375, but it had posted up 3 hours before, knowing the prices right now I just spent the extra 25, people are asking retarded prices for these guns now, I remember selling one to a guy in tampa like a year or two ago for 350.
  2. so just when I thought I left the fold, I bought a saiga 410 and ive got the itch to modify it, is it possible to sbs a 410 reliably ?
  3. bought this stock a while ago for my 8" barrel S12, its made from machined aluminum and anodized black, it mounts with the two screws in the rear that is commonly found on the tromix backplates or ACE folder mechanisms. will come with a TAN M4 stock buttpad for a little cushioning. wanting $75 obo plus 6 shipping. PM me for best result since this is the last of the parts I have for my sold off SBS s12.
  4. $2500 on a form 1 includes 2 factory 5rd mags in state of FL, $2600 with 2 mags and MD Arms drum ,or, will split the out of state transfer but no drum $2700 with 2 mags and MD drum and I split out of state transfer tax Sorry not interested in trades This shotgun originally started as a model 109 with threaded muzzle. -8.5 inch barrel length , setup to work with saiga 12 supressor. -Tapco SAW grip , the only plastic left on the gun -Tapco g2 trigger and hammer set. Single hook. - Tapco pin retainer plate, not Shepard hook -still retains factory BHO -Tromix bolt on trigger guard -Tromix weld
  5. bought this to replace one on my saiga 332 762x39 that uses this 24mm thread FSB for muzzle brake attachment. its in damn good condition, does not come with roll pins as thats the way that i bought it but does have the detent for the AK brake indexing. $75 plus $5 shipping SOLD SOLD SOLD
  6. Selling a brand-new never used never installed never loaded drum for the AK-47. This is preban for states that don't allow current drums. $225. bag has only slit cut open to inspect drum. Still has made in China sticker on the drum. Identifier of 36 inside of triangle.
  7. Looking for one to complete my saiga build. Have money in PP.
  8. finally got the bolt to them to get the RJF charging handle, this is their new slotted handle, they can probably elaborate for why its slotted but if i had to guess its for reciprocating weight reasons
  9. Changing out out cause my autobody guy knicked the rear threads and part of the site tower and I've got slight OCD when it comes to the fit and finish of my guns.
  10. Hey guys. Trying to swap out the 24mm 74type fsb that is on my saiga 332 762x39. It is the model that has the roll pins. I already drove out the 2 pins with a hammer and punch and figured it was the only thing holding it ( kinda akin to ar15 design) and it didn't come off by hand so I tried some hammer blows on each side and towards the muzzle end and I havent seen it budge at all. Is it threaded on , as I don't believe so since the replacement one is smooth on the inside, or will. I need a set of gear pullers and remove it that way ? Also will it slip fit on or will I have to press fit the ne
  11. hey guys, bought one of the atlantic 762x39 iz 332 saigas (aka the front half converted arsenal) . and my autobody guy was trying to remove the tack welds from the back of the collar with a cutoff wheel, and accentally knicked one of the rear threads and part of the FSB itself, and due to my slight OCD when it comes to guns i would like to replace the FSB with a new one so that it is perfect. if someone could show me the right part for that model i would appreciate it. and it looks like it installs with just 2 cross pins ?
  12. Well going based off my saiga 12 build the retainer plate pushes against the pins and what holds the tension on the pin is the plate being held in by the safety lever. And depending on if it was a vodka Friday the tolerance is off by a bit it might be a snug fit for the safety lever to go thru or put downward tension on the safety lever as it rotates. But then again I come from the ar15 manufacturing world where tolerances are close so I'm not use to the looser tolerances that are acceptable on an ak47 platform.
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