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  1. Wow! Thank you so much for the "correction". There were 12 bids when I looked, hence 12 people. Now @ 6:15PM on 7/18/14 there are 18 bids. I didn't realize such exactitude was required on this site. You have my most heartfelt apology. What he is saying, is that four people went back and forth a total of 12 times. So, not 12 people. Or eighteen currently.
  2. You seem to be out of stock.
  3. Open the cover and watch the bho operation for binding. The op rod, like it's little brother the AK, is supposed to be loose.
  4. With 10 rounds through this gun, this is not a fatigue failure. IMO, this is a weld shrinkage crack.
  5. Chill out. No need to start calling anyone a liar.
  6. And none of it is applied to the gasblock or rear sight block.
  7. What tremendous force on the piston?
  8. Factory mags are fine, it was an inside jab. I prefer steel, so I will wait for the csspec mags.
  9. Catastrophic failure???? Oh, yes. Nuclear explosion.
  10. What does any of this have to do with your fear of the crack (in the weld or even the sight base) somehow travelling to the trunnion? (where it would then somehow propagate into the chamber?)
  11. They're still a little ways off aren't they? I know his prototypes are getting close to finished, but then we have to wait for a final design and production. I just got some of the factory 8s for now, and plan on getting some Csspecs steel when they come to the market. They posted the final testing vid on youtube, so I believe it's just down to production now.
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