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  1. Looks like I missed out on the last run of mags for my saiga 308. Anyone have some they would part with?
  2. Southern phrase I believe for a "Sunday Best" gun. Thanks Gunfun!
  3. WITHDRAWN Here we go. Will take $15000. More info at this link: http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?/topic/75222-conversion-pics-ak308-gun-porn-pic-heavy/ Includes 5 CSSPECS 20rd steel magazines. WITHDRAWN
  4. I tapped the side of the mag on my workbench and it popped back in position. Not sure what caused it. This occured with the magazine one or two rounds from empty while unloading by hand. No problems while firing.
  5. That would be great, the sharp edges are the only major issue I see with the mags. I had a follower get stuck cock-eyed once, and another mag started corroding at a seam in humid weather because i didn't get it oiled.
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