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    Motorcycles, Cars,Guns and Women. GOD and Country and not in that order
  1. Spokane ,WA. checking in. Still have it. just not been lurking
  2. Bought a few years ago unconverted private deal 150.00
  3. Thanks for taking the time to produce that video
  4. I know long title So I was cursing the local Wal-Mart, And saw " Guns&Ammo " "The Complete book off the AK47" It has lots of pics great history what can I say I have never seen so much info in one place and did I say pictures. Any check it out.
  5. Yeah My Cabelas order is shipping too it was a bit of a wait but it is cold here anyway. in a few months might have to order some more.
  6. any idea how long it will be after its cut.. i would like to use a new gas block that has the site post on the top and cut my barrel down and add a brake.. Gas Giant nice choice on the skeleton style stock I have that on mine and like how it feels, did you get a chance to test drive it ? nice job in the FSB
  7. Yo try this link thats where i got mine B-110 http://www.globaltrades.com/ak_stocks.html
  8. Thanks for that link I have been considering a bullet guide from dinzag so I can run USA made AK steel mags. After seeing this video and my own experience with Sure Fire mags I am more than ever sure what I need to do next. Sure Fire took care of me no problem but still you don't need that sort of aggravation.
  9. That's it man let it out don't hold back. Not making fun of you just agreeing with you. it's crazy out there
  10. Hey if you like i can weigh this gun for you I have since replaced the front fore grip with a Tapco part for one more compliant part. The butt stock is still made from a company out of Texas the name escapes me but if you are interested i can find it for you i paid 20 or something like that a few years ago
  11. I am going to today or friday to pick it up. The 16in one Christmas present
  12. Have you tried pawn shops. My son and I went in to one here in town last week, they had two 7.62's a 16in and a 20in The guy said the 20in was new asking 325 or so the 16 in was used asking 280 or so I don't remember exactly but those prices are close. have a great Thanksgiving
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