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  1. smokymtnsmoke

    BIG plug for CSS (Carolina Shooter's Supply)

    Very sweet looking setup. I think I'm about to dent my CC for that scope, UTG, DPH Flashhider. You had a chance for range trip/report?
  2. smokymtnsmoke

    44 mag loads

    I use Lil' Gun in my .44 for 310g HCGC. Here's a few good articles / links... google is your friend ;P http://www.handgunsmag.com/ammunition/44mag_081005/ http://www.handgunsmag.com/ammunition/44ma...005/index2.html
  3. smokymtnsmoke

    BIG plug for CSS (Carolina Shooter's Supply)

    Tell me more about this scope/laser sight. Got a link or pictures? I've got a factory .223 aswell that I don't intend on converting. How is that UTG scope mount on centering over the barrel? Is that the quick release model? TIA Smoky
  4. smokymtnsmoke

    Bullet guide or adaptor

    So will these Gali Mags work in our Saiga .223's? http://www.jgsales.com/product_info.php/p/...1461980a2e9da04
  5. smokymtnsmoke

    IS this normal?

    Could you give us a closeup shot of your handy work homemade stock from the side and from the top would be great. TIA
  6. smokymtnsmoke

    Finally....No Threading Required Muzzle Attachent

    Any update? I see they are not on your web site yet. Do you have a ETA yet? Thanks
  7. smokymtnsmoke

    FAL mag adapter thread?

    I too, thought the threads had disappeared. I figured it was MSA doing it to protect their investment on the great product they and Renegadebuck are working on. No rush Renegade, we're all big boys here. Take a moment to catch your breath and maybe have a beer;) . Sounds like you got a FULL PLATE there. Burning the candle at both ends makes for a short wick.
  8. smokymtnsmoke

    Reloading for the Saiga 223

    Thanks for sharing your write-up. I always like to see how others vary from my process. I've been loading for a while and was looking more for results with the 16" Saiga. I'm close to ordering components and was hoping to see what weight bullet and powder type was giving good performance but I'll go with what I have on hand and see how it plays out.
  9. Man does that ever look good! That looks awesome. Put on several coats of TRU OIL to really bring it out and give it durability. I want a QPG for my unconverted .223 . I got to start saving my nickles and rimes and quarters oh my!
  10. smokymtnsmoke

    Reloading for the Saiga 223

    Yes I know this isn't the reloading forum but a search produced 0 results on hand loads for the Saiga .223. I just got my 16" stock (un-converted) Saiga .223 the Friday after Christmas in a great trade so I haven't had the chance to really shoot it for accuracy just function. I've got steel case Barnaul 55Gn Sp on the way but I'm also sourcing reloading components as well. I'm not going to convert this one as I like it in its sporter fashion. I may had a no-conversion stock w/ pistol grip later. I plan on using this for some coyote hunting. So have any of you hand loaded for accuracy and if so what have been your results? I'm not expecting bench rest results here but then again you never know. If there are other threads on this please point me to them as I have not found them yet. TIA
  11. smokymtnsmoke

    It WORKS!!!!!!

    I see FALmags noted as either metric or inch. Does that matter with this adapter? Great work BTW. After you finish this project could your next one be a mag adapter for the Ruger Mini-30? There's another untapped gold mine.
  12. smokymtnsmoke

    saiga paint

    Here's a good thread http://forum.gon.com/showthread.php?t=2252...p;highlight=sks It has a good "How To" as well as pics of an SKS and a Mosin Nagant I did using Duplicolor 500 degree engine paint in Cast Coat Iron http://forum.gon.com/showpost.php?p=2458040&postcount=16 I did it back in July when we just happen to have a really dry / low humidity day. It turned out very well and has held up very well. After deer season I'm going to use the same paint to do my Stevens/Savage .308 bolt gun. Before I painted either gun I tried the process on a scrap piece of steel that was in my shop as an experiment. I was very impressed with the results and durability of the paint so I prepped the guns, taped up the scope, hung the gun (out of the stock) by a coat hanger from a tree limb in my back yard and started with back and forth motion while spraying at about 8-12 inches away paying very close attention to the lay of the spray so I didn't get any runs. After I was satisfied with the paint job I hung them in my shop to fully dry / cure. I gave them about 4-6 hours, checking the hardness of the paint in a inconspicuous spot with my thumb nail before I attempted to put it back in the stock. I hope that helps get you started. I may do it to my Saiga .308 at some point.
  13. smokymtnsmoke

    Surefire Mag Locator.

    Nicks Guns (pka Ed's Guns) in Marietta, Ga has a few of the 25rnd'ers for $46.95, well they have one less after I was by there at lunch.
  14. smokymtnsmoke

    Last round lockback/hold open

    It pants expectantly, then begs me to load up another hundred rounds. :lolol: That's funny right there, I don't care who you are.
  15. smokymtnsmoke

    Good prices

    Jump on it or send me the address/ph # of the shop so I can drive up from Ga and get it b4 it's gone!