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  1. With this mod, when you depress the safety does the bolt have enough force to chamber a round and seat? Or do you have to pull the handle all the way back and let it fly. Oh and I have a factory handle not a custom round knob like you guys have. Is this an add on or a special bolt?
  2. I just checked the gun again. It does have the slot for the bho but its not there. I found it in the old conversion parts. Can you please show me where the instructions are to modify the selector lever to hold the bolt back
  3. Where can I buy or how do I modify my lever to hold my bolt back for mag changes. I have a verry old saiga 12 that does not have the BHO. Ive searched but cant find anything.
  4. You can do it with those tools. A c clamp would only set you back a couple bucks at a dollar store though. Its easy.
  5. I used the bulgarian wire retainer and didnt have to grind the levers on my .308 or my s12. The wire retainer isnt hard to install and cheaper. If your smart enough to mod your saiga, the wire retainer should be no problem. Ive used the retainer plates and while there easy to install Ive read that they can allow the pins to rotate and cause wear to the hole in the reciever.
  6. The RSA .308 vepr FCG will be a drop in replacement, dont know about the rest of the kit. I moded a tapco G2 group using the old FCG as a guide and it was easy, only took 20 min with a dremel, and I polished the contact points as well.
  7. Did you use a stock G2 FCG? They need to be modified. You have to dremel some material off so the hammer can lock. Use your old fcg to compare where you need to grind. Its easy.
  8. Not really, I asked a couple weels ago and got no response. Its basically the same as the other rifles except easier. You dont have to drill out the axis pins, there already in the right place. The trigger group needs to be modifyed in a few areas, or you can order a modified one from dinzag or red star arms, expect to wait over a month for dinzag. I moded a tapco G2 myself with a dremel. Take the old FCG and compare it with a G2, youll see where you need to dremel some material off. If you want to keep the BHO, then you need to take off the width of the bho lever, from the right side of
  9. For another compliance part check out the new forearms with rails on carolina shooter supply, there $74, I forget who makes them but I bought 2, one for my .308 and one for my s12. I like them alot.
  10. Look at you old hammer and you will see that there is a hump that needs to be ground down on the G2.
  11. Use the old FCG parts for a comparason of what needs to be removed on the G2. I did mine in 20 min, that includes polishing the contact surfaces.
  12. You have to really push it down and or smack it and it will go in. If you used a stock G2 trigger, ou have to grind down some areas, use the old trigger parts to compare and youll see what you need to remove.
  13. Yes you reuse the pins. You need some type of retaining devise, it could be a retaing plate, shepards crook, or e -clips. I like the shepards crook, thats what they come with and they are cheap, most people say their hard to install, but thats not true if you do it correctly. You can reuse the disconnector spring from the .308 FCG but you have to drill out the disconnector because the .308 spring is wider, and you also have to trim down the spring length about 1/3, or you can buy a new spring for $2.
  14. I waited over 2 years since buying my saiga .308 to convert it. I finally went ahead and did it. After doing one youll kick yourself for not thinking you can do it. I know that there isnt much advise on the specific .308 conversion but if you have any questions you can ask me.
  15. Sucess! I left out the BHO, ground down the G2 hammer to match the factory hammer, trim about 1/3 of the .308 sear spring and drilled out the sear to accept the larger .308 spring, used an old wierd shepards hook that I had to finish it up. Its done and I just test fired it, flawless. The 20 rd mag kept the bolt open after the last round. Perfect! I was verry nervous about grinding on a new FCG and maybe messing it up. I also just tore into my unconverted S12 and got it all stripped and the PG hole cut, just waiting for cash for parts. It took me 3 hrs to do all of the above last nigh
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