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  1. "Control" has more to do with technique than whatever is on the gun. Having said that - a full conversion is in order to primarily get the rifle's center of gravity closer to the shooter. Without a conversion, the center of gravity is farther away from the shooter's body. Check out a video of me shooting a stock AKM (semi-auto) wherein I shoot 10 rounds into a paper plate at 5 yards in less than 2.5 seconds. https://youtu.be/LkioHTlp3Qs Or the SKS video on the same channel in case anyone thinks the standard AKM slant brake makes a huge difference. https://youtu.be/IbeXm9UNcRE Check o
  2. While I was at SHOT I stopped by the Krebs booth and asked them if they will make another run of their Gas Blocks/Front Sight assemblies - and they answered that as soon as they have 100 "wants" they will make a run. Last run they cost about $100 each. I like them a lot better than the Bolton unit - the Krebs uses the traditional front sight and it made to use the steel pins instead of screws. I have 2 on the list. If you want one (or more) email Krebs at: krebscustomorders@gmail.com and asked to be put on the list. cheers tire iron
  3. Wow! Great thread! I find the spring to be most interesting.....as well as the very unique follower. Thanks for pictures! cheers tire iron
  4. Here is how I do it. http://tireironscorner.blogspot.com/2012/08/how-to-camouflage-your-rifle.html cheers tire iron
  5. I have a Vortex 1-4 on the TWS top cover. I haven't purposefully dropped it - but I have over 1,000 rounds of training through it - and repeated cleanings - and it holds zero. I like it. Hope this helps, cheers tire iron
  6. I will be doing a head-to-head test of the Bonesteel device against the FSC47 - and I will post the results on my blog. The testing format will be like this: http://tireironscorner.blogspot.com/2012/04/in-this-video-we-discuss-flash.html cheers tire iron
  7. That would look AWESOME on my Saiga! Got to find someone local that TIG welds........ cheers tire iron
  8. That is SWEET! How did you know the right height to make the front sight housing? I would be afraid of making it too tall or too short. I know there is adjustment in the front sight itself - but it would bug me if the front sight was up at the top of the "ears" or nearly buried in the bottom. cheers tire iron
  9. I ended up with the mag bodies and springs with floor plate retainer. I know for a fact he tried to get me what he owed me through 4 different shipments that left Ukraine but never made it to the US. He wanted to do a partial refund for the followers and floor plates - I told him to keep the money. In my view he did everything humanly possible to fulfill his end of the bargain and then some. I cannibalized used Russky Plum mags for the followers and floor plates. I replaced those Russky plum followers with US made ones, and bought some floor plates from a local guy so those mags are
  10. I have to say that my experience has taught me that FT is a stand-up guy. I just received my Mag Bodies - and he is shipping the internals. The mag bodies are BRAND NEW with all markings intact. They are BEAUTIFUL!! cheers tire iron
  11. My mags haven't showed up either. I e-mailed the guy in Ukraine - he told me he would do right by me - either refund my money - or resend the mags when he gets back off vacation. I told him to send me the mags. So....I will wait some more. I would rather have the mags than the money. I totally realize that I may end up with neither.....like another poster said above - I went into this deal knowing there was a chance I would get burned. I obviously I hope I don't - but - I won't totally surprised if I do. But - the guy was prompt in answering my email - I figured if it was a scam he w
  12. I am in for TWO (2). cheers tire iron
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