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    Looks like you have screws placed and holes drilled all the way through then nuts installed. Might have been easier to place your holes in the wood then using the correct drill for the tap just drill through the outer guard and tap the tube part of the guard thus eliminating the need for the nuts on the inside or the necessity to drill through the sides of the mount.
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    I have bridges, swamp land in FL and 60" LED flatscreens for 50$ Just send the $ and I will ship the product as soon as I have it in hand... HONEST! It's the internet and I swear I'm a good guy. Just need a couple more months to put this together. I know I have been saying this for the last couple years but this time it's really true... I feel bad for anyone who has given this guy $ Jase, Oh man! you called it Vaporware... Never call if Vaporware... Geez, read a little on the subject as soon as the V word is spoken you get a response from Bjorn or his "lawyer"
  3. More effective the brake the more noise you will get. That is how it works it seems. I found an AMD 65 brake to be very effective. I also drilled some holes in the top of the brake and there is very little recoil or rise.
  4. It is correct. Brian has instructions on his site. Also if you look at a standard AK or pics you will see why the hole is offset. The hole for the BG is drilled in the center / Lowpoint of the trunion. http://www.dinzagarms.com/downloads/bg_install.pdf
  5. I think this issue is more of a pre-ban issue or for folks in MA,NY,etc. MAA has a bunch of high cap mags available from 3-25 rounds if you do not live in a free state. The only benefit at this point would be a non-rock and lock mag install and the ability to use real cheap 20 round mags. My guess is that you could get a bunch of 20 round mags for what a conversion to G-3 mags would cost completed, if it can be figured out.
  6. I am not speaking for nor do I speak for MAA Not to speak for MAA on this, but I looked into a mod like this as well. I had come across a few posts where guys said they pulled this mod off and living in a state, still following the old AWB, thought this would be a good option for cheap pre-ban hi-cap mags. My findiing was that the G3 Mags are 1.160 wide. 3.060 long. The mag opening is 1.110 wide 3.275 Long The problem is that on the Sagia mags the mag well pinches at the leading edge (front 1.250") from 1.110 to .810. In order to get the G3 to fit the front of the existi
  7. OK not a problem. It will take a couple weeks though unless the work load slows a little but I will start a thread in the DIY section and let you know when it is up.
  8. The stock is off an SLR-95 that has been heavily modified. It could probably be done with a dremel and a steady hand or one of those new ocilating saws but I am not sure. I made a fixture for the Bridgport on the last one I did. It is not a modification I would recomend for the average DIY build. I may still have some pics of the modification or I have a few here I am supposed to be modifiying for a friend and my other shotguns and could take pics of that process just not sure when I will get to it so just answer in this thread and I will spend some more time on it. I think I may have
  9. Tony, Thanks for the tips on shaving the rivets on this project. Probably would not have had the stones to do it with out your friendly advice. Hope you get some time off during the X-mas and New Year rush.
  10. Thanks Brian, Could not have done this with out your help and the tools you provided to complete the brake install. Best wishes to your family during X-mas and New Year. You guys are the best, Dinzag came through with the threading and crowning tools which made for a smooth addition of the AMD brake allowing for great accuracy and almost no recoil.
  11. Thanks Nathan and crew for helping with the gun and some of the parts needed to complete this build. Always great to deal with MAA and can not wait to start the next one. Enjoy X-mas and the up coming holidays. MAA provided : MAA Stock G2 Trigger Hogue Grip Saiga 7.62X39
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