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  1. http://www.gunsnet.net/forums/showthread.php?t=304554 These guys seem to have gotten the ball rolling. Bill Exactly what I am talking about. The forum should be up and running very soon for members of all internet boards to join onto. We are going to stop this gun grabbing bullshit asap.
  2. Here is his email address politica@politicalcortex.com NRA Stabs its Biggest Advocate in the Back over "Terrorist Rifles" Email Print By Tom Ball 02/26/2007 03:12:02 PM EST The NRA has long been known as a ruthless organization that has used the 2nd Amendment to advance their crusade to protect private ownership of everything from bazookas to M60 machine guns. So it's no surprise to anyone here that the original intent of the amendment poses no barrier to the NRA's zeal to protect a violent felon's right to an assault weapon. What is somewhat surprising is that they have exe
  3. There is a Forum being setup, to house members of all internet gun forums, free of the BS board to board fighting that in my opinion is the fucking gayest shit I have ever seen. In the near future, several of us will probably be contacting the Mods from every board, and getting the ball rolling. I know it is under works right now. The goal is a concentrated effort of all forum members to take down asshats like Zumbo, Petzel (Who apparently some how still had a fucking job. WE ALL NEED TO BOYCOTT FIELD AND STREAM, AND ALL OF THEIR ADVERTISERS, AND LET THEM KNOW WE ARE DOING IT...NOW NOW
  4. http://www.petitionsite.com/takeaction/409...?ltl=1172465871 Stop this BS now, before it starts. Send it along to every one you know. It is time to stand up to this crap. We didn't have tools like the internet back in 94, that were capable of stopping this kind of Crap. We need to use every resource available to us to make sure that we are never infringed upon again.
  5. Sign this petition as well. http://www.petitionsite.com/takeaction/409...?ltl=1172465871
  6. http://www.petitionsite.com/takeaction/409...?ltl=1172465871 And pass it along to all who care to try and stop this BS AWB. J
  7. Seriously, every gun board I have been on, always has issues with other gun boards for some reason or another. I ask all of you now, to put aside any differences you may have, and get on board with Unifying Gun owners across the country. There is a ton of momentum right now, due largely to the Zumbo affair, and is currently happening with David Petzel, may he fall rapidly. With the upcoming bans that we all know are going on, why not come together for the common good of ALL gun owners? There are over 80million of us, and only a few politicians. We can make them hurt financially, as well as tak
  8. FBMG shows them on this page. Great people over there to. J
  9. I use my 19inch threaded model to hunt quail with. We have the "3 shot shells" rule here for Migratory and Water birds, so I have been using a 5 rounder with a pencil in it to block it to 2 shells, But. According to the Game and fish guy I talked to the last time I went out Dirt Sniping, the 3 shell rule does not apply to Dove and Quail. I am going to further check, but reading the regs on quail down here, it appears he is correct. If so, then the 8s are coming with from now on. As far as chokes go. Only the 19inch threaded models have the ability to take different chokes. The longer ones
  10. Yeah, pink is much better I think I need to put little sarcasm quotes around things when I am fucking around. I'm with you on this one man. Believe me, I don't want to push their button either. I am just pissed we are even in a situation where we are afraid of what even a 10+1 shell mag would get us. Fuck, I want a damn tripod mount with a Beta C type setup, with as many shells as can be made possible. You should see the pidgeon problem I have out here. I need one to "Defend" my house from turning whitish grey on top.
  11. There are some seriously Sick Saiga 12's in that thread. I really like all the different custom ways people have modded them. I am waiting for the day I log on here, and see some one with an S12 Bullpup that looks cool.
  12. Because heaven forbid, we freak out enough about the 10rds as is, and we don't want to be responsible for breaking a law that doesn't exist out of fear of our beloved Gov't further infringing upon our rights.... RIGHT? Well, fuck ya'll. You'll never get to see the pics of my famous 10.5 rounders now. I'm goin' home... Yeah, I'm bored as shit right now. Cobra, the red is killing my eyes man, can you change that to a nice Fuchsia, or maybe a neon Green/Yellow???
  13. you need an american fcg as well. I prefer the G2 in the saiga12's.
  14. Send that shit back man, that could get really ugly on you real fast.
  15. There is mine, but with the ACE internal receiver block. As for comfort, mine doesn't bother me, but I feel the S12 has minimal recoil to begin with. When I had the stock on my SAR1, it was painful on my cheek at times, but on the S12, I have had no issues with it whatsoever. Love it. J
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