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  1. I'm looking to buy a red wood AK stock set to go on a converted Saiga 308 to give it that old Russian AK look. Ideally would like to find a full 4 piece. Thanks!
  2. The brake adds about 5.8" of length, so the approximate barrel length is somewhere between 24" and 25" It has a factory puck And I have not tested with those specific loads; most of what I've shot through this one has been 00 and 000 buck. But, if you want, I do have several extra Gunfixer plugs that I ordered with my 2 MD drums, and could include one for free if you'd like. Thank you! Josh
  3. I have a Bohica Arms AR-15 BMG Upper that I am looking to sell. I had this upper mounted to a DPMS lower and took a small bit of modification to get to fit perfectly, but now I've tested it with several other lowers (a S&W, another DPMS, and a RRA) and they all fit perfectly. This is the 24" barrel model. Upper comes with free-floated handguard and bipod. Haven't had a chance to fire it, but it should function just fine...there's just nowhere in Austin to shoot BMG, unfortunately. But this would make an awesome addition to any gun collection, definitely something out of the usual norm
  4. Up for sale I have a Saiga-12 converted by me. The firearm functions perfectly and to date I have not had any FTFs or FTEs. Parts are: Tromix stock w/ limbsaver Folding mechanism SAW grip Tapco G2 trigger group Tromix screw-in trigger guard Surefire tri-rail Krebs foregrip Tromix monster brake S-12 also comes with 2 AGP Gen 2 mags, one clear and one black as pictured. Looking for $800 OBO. Thanks!
  5. I'm actually trying to keep the vital parts together. Thanks though! I'll let you know
  6. I'm very interested, will let you know for sure as soon as I can!
  7. I'd be willing to get sell it separately for $120. Let me know, thanks!
  8. I finally decided to put up my Saiga 12 race-gun in the making. I realized finally that I own more than my fair share of Saiga 12s and probably wouldn't use this one much when it was completed anyway The conversion is almost done on it, all it needs is a trigger group, which I've been waiting on, but will probably use in one of my other Saigas instead. Before I began the conversion, I put 10 rounds through it and it fired perfectly! Also, the mid-barrel brake for now is only on there for show. NO HOLES have been drilled into the barrel, but the brake is included. This would make a GREAT
  9. All PMs replied. Pretty much the only one not spoken for is the AR-10. Thanks everyone!
  10. Well the time has come for me to start moving some firearms out of the collection that I really didn't use all that often...which is unfortunate since I like all my firearms, but just don't have the room anymore. Also figured before I posted them anywhere else, that I'd give the Saiga forum first grabs on anything. Here though, I have an Armalite AR-10 20" SS barrel, with an SR-25 stock. GREAT shooting gun, I've probably put less than 200 rounds downrange, but it is an absolute tack driver. It comes with 2 Armalite 15 round mags. Great condition firearm. I am asking $1,100 OBO. htt
  11. Here's a combined collection of one of my friends and me. 3 of the 4 S-12s in the picture are mine (the top one with the MD-20 is his, still trying to convince him to do the full conversion, haha). I regretably didn't get to finish the stripped S-12 with the Tromix DIY trigger guard, so it'll be sitting naked for the next 6 months until I come back. There are also 2 Saiga 308s in the picture, one with the 16" bbl and one with the 21", both of which I converted, and a Saiga x39 which parts didn't arrive in time for. From top to bottom: S-12 19" External receiver block with Tromix s
  12. There is no stopping....................only more S12s
  13. I hear ya and feel your pain! I'm up to 4 S12s and probably several more, as well as almost 20 AGP mags and in a month or so I'll have 2 more MD drums in addition to the one I already have. Here in about 10 days I'll be heading home on R&R from Iraq and can't WAIT to convert my remaining few, along with another S308. The Saiga bug sure got me good
  14. 4 Factory 5 rounders 17 AGP 10 rounders (including the 5 clear mags bought just a few days ago. Thanks Makc!) 1 Surefire 12 rounder (more to come) 1 MD Arms Drum *EDIT* I just ordered another MD Drum today, so hopefully soon I'll have 2 drums waiting for me
  15. So I got home from work yesterday and found out my 2 magwells had arrived in Austin and my friends graciously attached these pics for me: They look FANTASTIC. Was told they came with the rest of the mounting hardware and instructions, and that they'll be kept safe until I get home. Now I really can't wait for my vacation (less than a month now)! My thanks to Derek and MCG for the quick responses and assuredly awesome product!
  16. Glad I had the random impulse to check the forum when I did!
  17. I just placed an order for 5. Sorry...I'm a greedy bastard
  18. Forgot to ask...is the magwell compatible with the stock mag release, or will it have to shortened/an extension welded on? I planned on doing the extension anyway, but was just curious. Thanks!
  19. I placed an order for 2 and was told they should be ready for shippping by Jan. 2nd. In February when I come home on R&R, assuming there's no hiccups in shipping or the like, I will be testing very extensively!
  20. As it was, on R&R I was going to come home to 3 more Saigas to convert...and now THIS?!?!?! Sign me up!
  21. That about sums it up for me! Though, my converted S12 feels a great deal more comfortable...and what could be more badass than an AK-styled shotgun???
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