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  1. The ones from centerfire have a crappy welded on scope mount that's too high and too far left, so the standard ak scope mount it comes with is way too far left and too high. I am pretty sure the Kvar version is set up to take the Beryl style rail that Kalinka sells. If I were doing it again, I'd buy the Kvar version and get a mount from Kalinka. I got the one from center fire and I'm probably going to have to get an sks mount from Kalinka, then mod it to get it to have the scope in a decent position.
  2. Howdy all, I'm looking at potential scope mounts that fit a vepr super. From what I've read and seen, a standard AK style mount will not do so (too tall), but an SVD/SKS/Tigr mount/scope combination may work, since it's not as tall. I'm trying to find out how tall the SVD mounts are on average. The vepr super's rail is mounted very high and slightly forward, so as low a scope mount as possible is desirable. The scope rail that came with this rifle is an AK mount and fits my Bulgy Milled SLR-101 perfectly, but is way too high to mount a scope on the rifle. So I'm trying to find a sco
  3. Here's a couple pics of mine: Rail related to wood. Notice how high it is on the receiver. Almost up to the bottom of the dust cover. Rail picture with stock removed. Top view to show how rail is mounted and how far left. Link to a picture of the style of mounting I think the rifle should have come with: http://kalinkaoptics.com/molot-vepr-super-top-mount-weaver-rail.html I agree this is the mount that should have come with the rifle, but I think a better solution than removing the rear support legs from the mount is perhaps to remove the side rail, then install
  4. Bought one of the Super Veprs from Centerfire Systems. Came with a side mount rail and a Molot AK scope mount. The rail was welded at the top left of the receiver and is offset to the left to hang over the wood stock on the left side. Because of this, the scope mount the rifle came with places the scope too high and too far left. I'm looking to see what solutions folks who bought this rifle have come up with.
  5. Who what now? ... and here I was laboring under the misconception that the .308 was already an excellent choice in hunting ammunition for just about any critter on the continent.. If you wanna go around grizzly bear, you might want to contact the Alaska or Canadian game commissions and get their recommendations for a good rifle in that application. I'm willing to bet it won't be .308 caliber. A grizzly is a HUGE, fast, smart and extremely deadly animal. Playing grab rear in their stomping grounds without enough gun is a good way to get eaten for lunch. I suggest you forg
  6. The CZ 82 is probably a blued steel gun and you just need to add oil to it. If so, I certainly wouldn't strip it and paint it.
  7. IF you want to relate twist rate to bullet weight, go to Berger bullets website and read up, it's quite informative. Dave
  8. I agree with vjor. A lot of money for a "clamp on" gas block. Personally, when it comes to gas blocks, I prefer a press on and pin setup as per most original gas guns. When you get gadgety like this device, you're rolling the dice on reliability. Dave
  9. Sharp looking rifle. I like the approach and was thinking of a very similar approach, except I was thinking of swapping out the stocks for wood ones with a high cheek comb and using a fixed powder 6X-40MM scope. Your posting changed my thinking a bit. I'll likely go with the same brand scope you're using, as I already had the same mount on order. I'm going to try out the khaki version of the cheekpiece you're using as well and see if I can find a khaki sling to match. Wish they offered the buttstock pack with the bullet loops inside the pouch. Regards, Dave
  10. Since China has, in other calibers, copied the LC on some of their brass, it may not be Lake City brass after all. If your firearm is feeding Winchester and Privi Partizan,both of which are good brands of ammo, I'd suspect the ammo may be a problem. That said, you may have an issue with your rifle related to feeding. The first question I would ask is have you tried a different magazine? Often times the magazine is the problem. Regards, Dave
  11. A couple questions for you: 1. Are there two "dents" on either side of the receiver about where the top of the magazine rests inside the receiver? The purpose of those "dents" is to help stabilize the magazine. 2. Have you compared the inside of the magwell with other AKM's? If not, I suggest doing so, as you can compare and see what's "missing." Bottom line for you is you'll probably need to come up with a way to add support and possibly a "stop" for the mag inside the receiver. Not a particularly hard thing to do. You can "bolt it in" using screws/nuts or get someone to wel
  12. Suppose you didn't want to paint over it? Could it be oiled up and used as is, per normal parkerizing?
  13. What's the current best place to order a Saiga .308 in 16" barrel from? Centerfire Systems is out of stock. Thanks, Dave
  14. Do you fellas have links to these items? I'd like to check them out. Thanks, Dave
  15. Howdy, new poster here. I'm looking at adding either a 6X fixed power POSP Russian Scope (mount included) or a 6X fixed powder Leupold scope and a side mount onto a Saiga .308 with 16" barrel. I plan to put a 11 degree target crown on the barrel and do a trigger job on the rifle. I'm wondering if the Russian scope is of good enough quality to purchase it over buying the Leupold. I want a really good glass and I'd prefer to "cry once" when purchasing. If anyone knows of a good low "over the centerline" AK/Saiga mount, I'd love a link to that as well. Thank you in advance f
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