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  1. https://youtu.be/DvOHbxBAEN8 Looks great man!
  2. What's up guys? It's been a while but I have some cool stuff to show you guys to make it up to you. Has there been anything new for our s12s come out in the last couple of years? I've looked but you are the people to ask. Thanks guys!
  3. I imagine you could drill another hole in the bottom of the rail to match up with the position of the GB, then grab/fab a gas adjustment tool.
  4. I got the 60$ one with the riser. The sight itself is fine so far, but that riser was the worst piece of equipment I have ever laid hands on. Kept falling off. I didn't expect it to be the best riser ever, just for it to work on a .22. So DON'T make my mistake.
  5. Ditto.EXCELLENT service that supports my favorite forum. Also love my panic buy russian 8
  6. I'll get a couple of 25s (for a full box of shells)coupled together, and plenty shorter ones. Thank you for the update Mike. The theories about your absence provided some dramatic reading! Proud to have you in the community.
  7. I'm in the process of hiring 2 people, one from North AL, and one from South AL. Ill remain in Montgomery to oversee them and guide the growth of additional employees. My family's law firm is dedicated to ensuring that disabled Vets and other Americans with disabilities have the same access and freedom in their day to day life as any other person. Any advice would be appreciated, I've got Mng and hiring experience, just not from out of town. Thanks!
  8. The 100,000$ in yearly maintenance for rarely used equipment is by definition a liability not an asset. Then there is the unavoidable fact that they will quickly justify its use, since we have it. Also look up "swating". & the 100,000$ in yearly maintenance.
  9. Fine by me. Tattle telling, gossiping, and snitching will still be filed in my bitch move folder.
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