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  1. snake54

    Heavy bullets

    Thanks. I have a Blackjack buffer in this for several years. The S308 doesn't eat them up as fast as an AK.
  2. snake54

    Heavy bullets

    What the heaviest bullet that can be routinely shot out of the S308 without risking damage. I know that with the M1A, 175-180 is the max usually mentioned. I ask as I have come into quite a few 180 and 200gr factory rounds. I do have several 308 bolt rifles so it would not be a big deal either way. Thanks
  3. snake54

    AR trigger

    Geissele are the top of the line. I have several RRA Match triggers which are very servicable as entry level match triggers and are excellent as a varmit or predator rifle trigger. JOEBOB OUTFITTERS has them for under $100
  4. snake54

    Reloading STEEL casings...

    Have been reloading Wolf .223 and 45acp for about 2 years. Work well in my Stevens 200 bolt and my Bushmaster. XD45 eats wolf like candy. Number of reloads per case varies. Some will get split necks on the first reload and others will go 10+(.223). Make sure you chamfer the neck to minimize brass shaving when seating the bullet. They don't seem to stretch much, so I have not had to trim any. I think I would just toss any that needed it. Currently am using 24gr TAC with 55gr fmj, mostly for blasting. Have not benched them outside of sighting in, but will hit a 6" gong at 200 yds everytime with the Stevens. 45acp with 239 lead rn and 5gr AA #2 is a nice load for the XD. Cases can last many loads, but it seems a few split during any range session. The most pathetic part of this is that I will spend as much time looking for Wolf cases as I do for good brass cases.
  5. I know this is taking this thread slightly off topic, but why does everyone think that if your gun accidentally goes full auto you will go to jail? I see this all over the place on gun forums when people are talking about broken disconnector springs and snapped trigger hooks. Has someone gone to jail because of an accidental mechanical problem with their rifle? One of the basic requirements for a most criminal convictions is that there must be a physical act (in this case owning a gun that goes full auto) and intent to commit that act. If there is no provable intent then there is no crime. This is a very basic US legal concept known as "mens rea", which is latin for "guilty mind". Of course, if you do something to your gun that you should have known might make it go full auto and then it does, you will have a hard time convincing a jury that you didn't have any intent to make it go full auto. Taking a file to a disconnector would be a good example. Or leaving that factory hammer in place after being warned that it might malfunction with after-market parts. Ask David Olofson
  6. snake54

    Is the Saiga 100 in 30-06 ever going to show up?

    Saw one today at local gunshow (Montana) for $600.
  7. snake54

    SO... is it REALLY non-reloadable?

    I reload Wolf .223 and 45acp all the time. Keep the loads light and the steel cases hold up well, esp the 45acp. Up to 12 reloads on those. Have gotten as many as 7 reloads with the .223, then about half of the necks split. Would like to try 308 steel, but did not trust Wolf .308. Have not seen any effects on the reloading dies at all, after about 1K reloaded .223.
  8. snake54

    Reloading Wolf .223

    Have been reloading Wolf .223 for about a year, both the poly coated and the lacquer coated with no problems. I use very light loads, usually the minimum recommended starting loads. These will not always cycle an AR15, but other wise work well. My Stevens .223 likes them. Have gotten up to 7 reloads. At that point about half will get split necks, so I toss the rest. Primer pockets stay tight and cases do not stretch. This is a very soft steel so your dies will not be damaged, at least mine look ok after more than 1000 cases. Just make sure there is not any grit on the cases when you size them. Of course YMMV
  9. snake54

    wolf 9mm/45acp

    My XD45 loves Wolf. The steel cases reload nicely as well. Am up to 10 reloads on these cases.
  10. snake54

    New .308 Ammo outperforms regular 30-06 hunting ammo !!!

    This ammo has a slower burning powder that is outside the specs for autoloaders. Rifles such as the M14 and Garand sre very specific in the pressure curves. The Saiga is probably similiar in its requirements.
  11. snake54

    Confirmed 21" Accuracy this weekend

    It will take more than 2 rounds to determine accuracy. Sounds like you are sighted in. You will be pleasantly surprised how accurate these are. Your ammo will usually be the limiting factor. And the nut behind the gun.
  12. snake54

    FBMG Mag - Follower Sticking

    I have had this happen with mine also. Just ran the follower up and down many times and it went away. I think they just need to wear in some to smooth out.
  13. snake54


    I have 2 308 Saigas. Both are the 22" version, one wood and one synthetic. Both are easily 1" gun off the bench with good handloads. Have used them extensively for whitetail hunting over the last 5 years, taking over a dozen deer, including several nice bucks. All with the guns in original form. If it wasn't for the trigger, I would not even consider converting these. Have resisted so far, but will eventually convert the synthetic stocked one. The wood stocked one will remain in sporter config.
  14. snake54

    Reliability in Field Conditions?

    OK, the last sentence is a joke haha. Is the rest of your post a joke too? Excellent and reliable hunting rifle. No joke.
  15. snake54

    Reliability in Field Conditions?

    I hunt with my .308 Saiga extensively. From -10f in the field to 100f at the range, rain, snow,sun, no stoppages, EVER. Just like the movies, my magazines never run out.