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  1. Wow....GG Kentucky Wildcats fans....;D

  2. I think he's trying to say, 40,000 rounds CONTINUOUS fire??? I don't think either rifle would survive...
  3. AZG is right here, I used 3inch on mine once just to test it. Haven't used it in my autoplug since.
  4. UNLESS the newer theory of the multiverse is correct. This is saying that with every action and decision you make that there is another reality where you make the opposite decision. So there theoretically speaking could be a infinite number of realities. So if you actually went back in time, changed something, the chances that you actually went into your realities past is VERY small.
  5. Yeah what Greg said, its not a problem, I had to take a couple off using a screwdriver. Now you'll be able to use normal AK handgaurds on the thing without the shroud. So it is actually a good thing!!!
  6. I'm diggin that stock man, I poked around google and couldn't find any for sale, are they still available?? And does it just clamp on the buffer tube??
  7. Hmmm, Broadsword, kilts, let her hang with her animals, be a libtard....oh yeah, this one's a keeper.. Then again if she's a super mega hottie I can compromise!
  8. Seems much ado about nothing, are you being sued by someone currently?? Going through nasty divorce?? It's possible.
  9. Define "trouble". I have only worked with 2 Muslims, both after 9/11. They were exceptionally nice and open people so I asked them about a few things with regard to their religion. They said the same things that almost all muslims say. They said that the extremists are distorting the scriptures. Having read some snippets from the Qur'an, I'm not so sure. That said, without a doubt most muslims do not seem to follow the Qur'an in a literal sense. The quran stikes me as being allot loke the old testament, which most christians thankfully do not live by. All that said, I think people forget about some of the more peaceful but far from perfect muslim nations. Places like Turkey, Qatar, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Bahrein, Tunisia, Egypt. I haven't researched a bunch about them, but I bet they are better than many people envision when thinking of muslim countries. Islam is today's communism with respect to the US populations reaction to it. Maybe, but he will likely use his license. From what little I've read on is not allowed to discriminate in such a manner, though I think they should be. If you don't know the meaning of trouble then I cant help you. Islamic terrorism grows like a parasite WHEREVER Islam exists, especially where they are a sizable minority. All of them?? Of course not, but if you have Dogs then you have Fleas, same thing with Muslim Extremists.
  10. http://i180.photobucket.com/albums/x66/XxBeanxX_2007/10998775.jpg[/img]"]http:// Seriously, who else is going to make Ar's?? I'm holding out for a Winchester AR!!
  11. The fact remains that it is only a matter of time before Muslims start making trouble in the United States. It's been done across the World OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER again. Unless something is done to curb or stop the violence that seems to be a requirement everywhere Muslims exist. That's not to say all Muslims are violent, but wherever their populations rise the violence seems to also rise like a parasite on their backs. And I have yet to see outside of a very few Countries a effort to stop the violent Jihad mentality. I think among most of their People its winked at. ANYWAYS countdown to him being sued.. 5 4 3 2 1.....
  12. timy is spot on, my Sister and her Husband do this for Christmas every year. It's great fun and the kids love it.
  13. http:// Terrible news from Las Vegas, ALOT of People here in Central Indiana either have something to do with racing or most of us at least know someone who does. I know quiet a few Indy Yellow Shirts (Volunteers) they are a GREAT source of inside information about the People who both run and participate in the many Races in Speedway. And to a man/women they all have great things to say about Dan.......just terrible.
  14. I thought about this for SHTF, it's better NOT have a common caliber weapon. Imagine half the population of gun owners fighting over .223/5.56, .45, and 9mm. Load up on 5.45x39, no one wants your ammo they won't have anything to shoot it with, unless you're dead. Thats one way of thinking about it, but in the long run(years) the x39 and 5x45 is going to be very hard to get from mutha russia, and there are going to be alot less people equipped to reload these same rounds. Remember how difficult it was for find 9mm at walmart after the 2008 election? Hell, it didn't get better down in Florida until mid-late 2010. Common calibers were wiped clean from the shelves due to the panic buying. That's what happens with common calibers. You won't be supplying off military and police like in the movies; they'd probably be supplying off of you. Your best ammo supply will be your own which is why I believe that a 22 LR is essential in any SHTF scenario. 7.62x39 offers cheap, quality, defensive ammo. Go for Brown/Silver Bear soft point for hunting. Wolf MC Hollow point for self defense and hunting in a pinch. You can buy cheap, quality military surplus mags if you can't afford the latest poly wonders being produced. Cheap effective optics are available later down the road via POSP. As long as there's a market willing to buy ammunition, there will be vendors. 223. has less durable, more expensive magazines, more expensive ammunition, less recoil, and any improved accuracy is mainly due to more accurate ammunition. Really, the only reason to go .223 is if you own an AR, want an AK, but don't want to store a new type of ammunition, or buy new magazines. YMMV. Edit: oh, and .223 may be better if you are already reloading for it. All points above are true. But I gotta tell ya, my local Wal Mart was clean out of x39 for a very very long time. And what 5.45 to wally world
  15. Sweet looking!!! And all questions above! OK and is Keith Australian??
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