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  1. Draco C might have under folder rear trunnion too, if you're looking for an easy SBR project.
  2. I think subcompact .45 are inherently brick-ish. But I did always wonder why SA didn't have a smaller .45. I love my xds, its super accurate and, to me, more comfortable to shoot than some of the smaller 9mm pistols I've shot.
  3. I will, but I have a feeling it will be stupid and overly dramatized, like the Hatfields and McCoys.
  4. Wasn't bushmaster started when Colt was getting sued all the time and quit selling guns to the civilian market? Kinda strange.
  5. I always thought this dude was a joke when he was posting those videos. It just seemed like attention whoring.
  6. Sorry for your troubles, I have been through similar bullshit with T-mobile, and it never got resolved. I did make one of their CSR's cry, not by cursing or being rude, just politely informing her that she was doing absolutely nothing for me and I would need to speak to a supervisor.
  7. Congrats and good call on getting a useful education. People with degrees in underwater basket weaving are having a tough time finding work.
  8. Buffalo Wild Wings Target Tuesday Morning There's one more national conglamorate that I refuse to do business with, but I can't remember right now. What about y'all? Who do you boycott?
  9. I used to read this blog everyday, but eventually got sick of everything that happened being about mike vanderboegh, and I've met the guy in person several times. The final straw for me was some online pissing contest he was having with some other 3% guy on another blog. I'm talking about grown men going back and forth, hurling poo like wild, egomaniacal monkeys. I sent him an email and let him know I wouldn't be reading his blog anymore. He sent one back saying that I basically didn't have a strong as nouh grasp of what he and other guy was fighting about. Whatever.
  10. Will it fit in an md20? I have a bunch of wolf buck shot, but its a little longer than domestic 2 3/4.
  11. Here's a video I just uploaded to YouTube. I've seen this chick in another bar we we hanging out in, I think she's interested in older guys with money, but I don't know for sure.
  12. I'll be okay. Here's some more pics. Here's a giant piece of meat I got at this restaurant we've been eating at everyday. 400g is a lot of steak. Beaches in Puerto Santa maria The second largest bull fighting ring in the world, supposedly. Its two blocks from my buddy's apartment. Some old dude petting the metal bull in front of the plaza.
  13. I've been here four days, here's what I have to report. Banged 3 Bulgarian whores here: The view from outside:
  14. So I got my ticket a week ago, actually saved a little money booking late, which was kinda weird, but whatever. I leave on the 14th of this month. Any tips on what to do about money? Travelers checks, visa debit card, us currency?
  15. I saw one at the gas station the other day, and after the snow we had this winter, I figured it wouldn't be bad to have a 4x4 of some sort. I grew up in a Toyota family, and haven't ever owned a domestic car, minus the 62 falcon my grandad gave me, which we still have. now I'm into Nissans and Hondas, rice boy cars, so the Japanese aspect of the Suzuki appeals to me. Anyway, I see them pretty cheap on Craig's list, granted they're damn near 30 years old, from people who look like they know what's going on with them. Looks like there's a decent aftermarket.
  16. I've got my money together, I'm gonna pull the trigger on a plane ticket in the next week or so, shooting for the holiday weekend in may, which is probably stupid, but I don't want to burn too much vacation time. My buddy has a bunch of elaborate plans, but I had to tell him I probably won't be able to afford cruising around Europe. Probably have to keep it semi local.
  17. He's in El Puerta, but he has his own off base apartment. Dude is a total drunk, your stereotypical sailor, can't get a sentence out of his mouth without saying fuck. I think he's been making some friends out there, but I do speak a good but of Spanish, albeit Mexican Spanish, not the queen's spanish.
  18. I was looking at flying out of Atlanta, but its more than flying directly from Birmingham. I'll look into flying into Amsterdam, I wanna check that place out anyway, and I could probably handle a day and a half on a train if I could get my head to right in Amsterdam.
  19. Thanks y'all, keep the suggestions coming. On a side note, spacehog, I like that new profile pic. We need to get out and shoot when the weather gets right. You too, Terry, I know you've got toys.
  20. Thanks guys. I do have AAA, so maybe I'll check with them. I've been using Madrid as the destination, I know there's probably other airports in Spain, but I don't know what they are, I guess I should find out. So I have to have a visa to go there, even if all I'm doing is getting drunk, not working?
  21. So my buddy got shore duty and is stationed on some base in southern Spain. I want to go visit him in the next couple of months, probably in May. I was checking flights and they're god damned expensive, like $1200 expensive on kayak. Anybody got any tips or tricks for getting a litle bit cheaper price on tickets?
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