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  1. Please. Organized labor needs to understand we don't want them in the south, just ask the employees at the VW plant in TN. And no manufacturer wants to deal with union shit unless they absolutely have to, so why wouldn't people build manufacturing here?
  2. Thanks. What are you looking for for the xds?
  3. Buyer pays shipping and any transfer fees. FTF in or around Birmingham is fine, too. XDM pistol with all accessories. Don't know the round count, but its not many, this thing is pristine. $550, USPS MO.
  4. I heard Austin really isn't part of Texas. But I don't know. Sorry dude, I shoulda made a thread and tried to hook up with some folks from the forum.
  5. Good to know, I'll scrape up some cash and send it to this Abbot fella's campaign.
  6. So, now its snowing in Dallas. I'm not getting on the road, had some bad experiences with snow and ice in Birmingham last week. I guess I'll sit in the hotel and drink beer all day.
  7. Yeah Terry, I see these flat ass roads, and think "they're ripe for some street racin'." I'm checking out the titty bar situation right now, so far, nothing on the Atlanta spots.
  8. They said the same thing about 2010, we're still fucked, as far as I can see.
  9. Every state or local political ad I see on tv harshes the shit out of Obama. It's awesome.
  10. If I hadn't just bought a house in Birmingham, I'd be looking for a job over here. I just can't get over how much work there is. I understand there's a bunch of people, but to see construction going on like this is just amazing. Its literally everywhere.
  11. Nah, I don't think its possible to get shorter and develop a sloped forehead after marriage.
  12. I'm in the DFW area working this week. This is my first time in Texas, and i'm super impressed with this area. There is construction going on EVERYWHERE, not just road construction, but new buildings, renovations, etc. I've never seen anything like it. There is so much work in this town. The freeway system is great, there are service roads parallell to both sides of the freeway, super convenient. I always knew Texas was awesome, but didn't realize the extent that these people have got it together. Coming from Birmingham, which is pretty much a dead city, this is amazing to me. The Gadsden flag car plates are fucking awesome, and apparently there is a gun show every weekend. Driving down the interstate I see bill boards for gun shows at several different locations, ft. Worth, Dallas, Irving, and others. There are seriously more Spanish radio stations than English ones, but I don't care. I've seen some fucking beautiful Latinas this week. Most of what we have back home are the dumpy looking, rural, hotel maid type Mexican women. I will say this, I barbeque pork, but I guess if you have a bunch of beef sitting around you have to make do. I also put beans in my chili.
  13. Sounds like the governor will absolutely sign it.
  14. Question and a comment. Does the 'no sales to California' policy extend to the police and other government types in California? Think of the costs the manufacturer would incur to re-tool and test/approve the microstamped part(s). It would be a nightmare and the costs would be tacked onto the weapon. Everywhere. Not just in one regional market.
  15. They're not going to fuck with the guy over this, there won't be any legal fees. They police just say things to cover their asses and placate the people who might bitch about what happened. in Alabama, the self-defense laws specifically prohibit civil litigation by someone or the family of someone who is injured or killed by someone defending themselves. I'm sure the great state of Texas had something similiar.
  16. I have one of these, its great for hilding all kinds of mags, ak, AR, .308, saiga12.
  17. Jack, what is the felt difference in the front end with a barrel like that? Does it add enough weight where it would be noticeably more difficult to tote around (if I'm not a pussy) versus a regular sized barrel? I certainly don't want anything shorter than 18", but hadn't put much thougt in the bull barrels. I see them selling occasionally though.
  18. If you don't mind me asking, what did you end up spending? I don't knowanything about AR's, so this will be a learning experience. I've built ak's, so I can handle it, I just have to wrap my head around the extra parts. Generally, do you buy a complete upper, or do you buy individual parts and build it? I understand that other that the upper, you need a lower, fcg, furniture, some pins and other hardware, and what looks like a wrench for adjusting coilovers.
  19. Shit, I've got the complete opposite, in town this weekend, out of town next, etc. I've got an unsanctioned spot between wildwood and 150, its chill.
  20. Sounds good. Or maybe I can just buy the ptr91 back from you, lol.
  21. I just like .308, I already have a good stash of it. The blackout looks cool, but its expensive, not as available (right now), etc.
  22. Cool, a buddy of mine lives in alabaster near the range, we were talking about going out there, but I don't have a hunting or conservation license or whatever, and I don't wanna get nailed by the game warden. I heard they write tickets and take guns.
  23. The CMMG rifles I've seen looked really nice. They were on the top of my list if I buy a complete gun. I'd love to check it out. Do you have a spot down there or do you do helena?
  24. So, I'm considering saving up for a .308 AR, I want another .308 battle rifle, I've already had a Saiga and a ptr91. I liked both of them, different guns, different pros and cons. I'm looking at the AR's now because it seems like a lot of the .223 rifles are down in price, maybe the .308 will follow suit. What's everyone's opinions on building vs buying, brands, mags etc? The reason I'm looking at the .308 AR is because I think the direct impingement system would probably allow for the greatest accuracy, as opposed to other piston driven gas systems. I'm going for a dmr battle rifle type thing, maybe with some mild optics on the top rail with some BUIS, collapsable stock, no railed forend or anything.
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