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  1. I'd like to get my 100 series side folder on my saiga 12, and i wanna get my turbo sentra running.
  2. I have the trunnion i could part with, maybe some other hardware that isn't needed for use on an s12.
  3. Okay, so i successfully grew something, a jalapeno pepper. I've got 4 small green big boy tomatoes, 1 small green roma, and some green beans. I feel so accomplished.
  4. So, why did they detain the studio head? As others have mentioned, i'm surprised they didn't burn the building down.
  5. If your saiga 12 can't accept detachable magaZines, what's the point of even keeping it? Sell it and buy a pump, keep it as it is and tell them to fuck off, or send it to someone in a free state for safe keeping. I'd personally tell them to get fucked. Its sad we're having this conversation in the first place.
  6. my favorite comment: What if the product he was trying to order was, in fact, an 8-inch dildo? That's customer service, right there.
  7. Okay, i've got a sling i want to put on this shotgun, but i need some studs. The sling already has the swivels on it, i just need the studs. Any suggestion on where to look, all the stuff i'm seeing is for stud/swivel packages, some with new mag end caps also. I don't want to replace the end cap, there's a hole in the factory cap, i've read that it will accept the the 870 studs, and the threaded hole in the stock accepts the threaded stud.
  8. One time, i was really drunk and thought i might could single stack 12 gauge in a double stack .308 mag. Are you drunk? Or high? Or both? I could give you more of my drunk ideas, but it will cost you.
  9. That sounds like a decent deal. Good to see you posting again, btw.
  10. By chance, i got dispatched to nashville to work on monday morning. I'm sitting in a hotel room waiting for tomorrow, gonna go see what's going on this weekend. It'll be nice to see the hacks in the bar all playing some Jones. I wonder if he'll experience a hipster revival like Cash did when he died. Sorry, feeling really cynical tonight.
  11. Awesome info, i've never heard of bottom rot. I have the tomatoes in about a foot or so of straight topsoil over some grass remnants, would that cause the rot? I'm assuming its rotten soil around the roots and bulbs or something. I've got several tomato cages, i just need to put them up and stake them.
  12. He was the model for a dying breed of drunks. Sir, we salute you. RIP.
  13. I say go for it. I found this: http://www.gardeningknowhow.com/edible/vegetables/vgen/growing-a-vegtable-garden-on-a-hill.htm Good lookin' out, yak. That's kinda what i've got, but it would be good to separate it into some horizontal rows to accommodate the grade. I could probably still pull it off, but i don't wanna disturb shit right now.
  14. I'm looking for input here. Does anyone have any words of wisdom about me planting on a hill? I don't know if you guys can tell the grade from the pic. I'll take one from the side.
  15. So, this is what i ended up with: Roma tomato, better boy tomato, 2 crook neck squash, 1 zuchini squash, 1 cucumber, 1jalapeno, and a row of about 6 green beans in the back. Unfortunaltely, the garden is on a hill, so i put some landscaping timbers up, made a little box, and scraped the topsoil from the high part to the low part. Hopefully it doesn't turn into a draining problem.
  16. No, this was a while back, not recent. Like, a couple of years ago, at least. I just remember because it seemed particularly absurd.
  17. No one likes the fact that this dude should be afforded his constitutionally protected rights as a US citizen, but we have to do it.
  18. I'd take a trip down to the panhandle for a last stand with you guys. Cause you know its not going to happen in Miami.
  19. Thanks for the offer, but the garden is about 15x15 ft, so it won't be that bad to till up by hand. I'm going to get some plants this week.
  20. Those trench gun clones got restricted from import because of the bayonet, right?
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