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  1. Price lowered to $40 shipped priority. Have all 5 left for sale still.
  2. Saiga-12 5 round mags for sale in good condition. I have 4 and will let go for $45 each including priority shipping.
  3. Threads can be easily be cut by any machine shop. Take the barrel off and have it cut by a smith or a machine shop to your specs and then have it threaded. You dont need a die to cut external threads. Its always best to give the machinest cutting the threads a gauge or female threaded part so they can check their work to make sure thread fit is good.
  4. Its almost time. I can feel it. heros in a half shell...
  5. Your sig pic made my day. It is perhaps the best one Ive seen.
  6. Thats kind of you offer. I thought about buying an 870 or something but Its not the same.
  7. Sorry guys but I pretty much stopped coming here after my shotty was stolen. Kinda dont like to think about it if you know what I mean. Yes that block is sort of tight around the barrel. I heated mine about 300-400 F and tilted the barrel downward against a thick wood table and took a soft piece of metal and smacked the block off. I think it took about an inch or so of tight movement before coming off. Then I chucked the barrel in the lathe and polished that area so it would go on easier. I did ding the block up a tad but I was refinishing anyways so I wasnt worried about small dings.
  8. IM sure if it comes up I will get it eventually. If an investigation is ongoing it may be used as evidence I assume for whoever is in posession of it. Im assuming I'll never see it again though and If I do it may take awhile to get it back.
  9. About a month ago I had my truck stolen while I left if running right in front of the gas station doors as I went in to get coffee before work as I have done for the last 5 years. It was stupid of me but a habit Ive had living in low crime city. I had 2 rifles and 1 saiga shotgun in the back toolbox locked up. The police found the vehicle later that day with the toolbox unlocked and some various items gone(wallet, keys digi cam etc.). Apprently the thief took the shotgun only as the two rifles were still there. It was in a black soft case containing 4 8 round mags. Im very lucky to g
  10. A barrel needs to be close to .571 for a 14mm die. Ive heard some people add bushings and whatnot to gain diameter for a certain FH and Im sure it can be done. On my wasr I threaded it to 1/2-28 and used a 3 prong AR FH since the diameter was so close already. Theres more than one way to skin a cat :-)~
  11. Im sorry when said magwell I meant the underside of the trunnion. I had to cut a pocket on each side of the trunion so the mag could slip up high enough. This isnt a problem if you have a mill and carbide endmills. The beauty is that even though you cut a pocket for the new mag the stock mag still fits as normal as did before. I might get more detailed pics tonight once I work out the details.
  12. I bought some M14 mags at the last gunshow. Another vendor told me they were Tiawanese but I bought a 20 for $20 and a 30 for $20 brand new. I picked the M14 mag because it seemed to match the stock magwell better than the HK91 mag. So far the only mod Ive had to do to the rifle is relieve the trunion so the mag can go in far enough for the bolt to engage the round. The only mods Ive done to the mag is weld and grind a lug in the front for the mag catch, grind and weld a catch for the rear, relieve the feed lips slightly so the bolt wont drag and bend the feed lips to get proper feeding.
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