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  1. Thanks, I picked up another nice AK, good people to deal with.
  2. In Vegas for a few days does anyone know of any gun shops here? Looking for a good deal on a AK if anyone knows of any good places to look please let me know. Thanks
  3. I don't need to be labeled "extremists" I wear my "Right Wing Extremists" T-Shirt from Juggs all the time with pride and any desire for security starts with with me doing my part for my family and not the goverment or any elected official who are bound by the same laws as those they represent.

    Dinzag FSB..

    It has set screws that tighten from the bottom.
  5. Talk to Pauly he knows his metal, I would suggest you send it to him, you will find his work exceptional and at a fair price.


    Northeast San Antonio
  7. The two that made the most difference for mine have been; 1.) Paulys glass bolt service 2.) Tac-47 auto plug (I tried almost all that are on the market when I get a chance they will be in the For Sale section.
  8. Pauly, I voted yes because of the excellent service that you have provided me in the past and the quality I received. Your services provide quality and reliabilty to a gun that has a variety of issues and we all should know by now that it takes a great deal of work to get most of these guns to perform to expected levels. You have two of mine and I know first hand your commitment to excellence. You have gone beyond my expectations in the past and wish you had been providing your services four years ago. Whatever you decide I know the quality will be there but your service in my expericence is
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