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  1. I'm kinda shocked it's not ALREADY banned.
  2. Thanks, great write up, pics, and vids.
  3. TheDriver

    Kushnapup V update!

    Somehow I missed all the drama on this but I have to say they look pretty cool. Looking forward to some unbiased range/review videos.
  4. TheDriver

    B.O.B. (bug out bag)

    My wife and I have also been "lightening" our backpacking gear over the past couple of years. We both have those Big Agnes sleeping pads now, and Gregory Z/Jade packs, which I cannot recommend strongly enough. Most of my BOB stuff is just my backpacking stuff - tent, sleeping bag, water filter, etc. GoLite stuff is awesome as well. Bug out gun is probably my 9mm Kel-Tec carbine.
  5. TheDriver

    How tight is this thing??? gas tube cover latch

    I use pliers to move that tab. It is really, really tight on mine.
  6. TheDriver

    My Saiga 12 in ATACS DuraCoat.

    I'm not usually big on camo guns but that looks great. Beat it up a little and it will look even better.
  7. TheDriver

    Concealed Carry ??'s

    I usually pocket carry a PF-9 in a Desantis holster. Sometimes I use an IWB at about 11-10 o'clock - either a Sig 239 or the PF-9.
  8. TheDriver

    Gun names

    Um, no. Then again, I'm not Jayne Cobb.
  9. Wow. That just makes ALL my internal sirens go off.
  10. The "Watchmen" don't want to be watched. Remember, they're your betters.
  11. Ruger's stock has been a winner for the last year or so. They build some of the most popular guns out there I suppose: LCP, SR series, 10-22.....does the Mini-14 still sell?. (amount of Ruger's I personally own = 0)
  12. I have a TK10 that's been mounted to ARs and 7.62 Saigas and it's been solid. It's very well made.
  13. I have that same stock and it will fold past an MD20 with the recoil pad removed (with like 5mm to spare!).