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  1. Great deal, is this still for sale? if so, I'll take it! Thanks
  2. Youch! This should go for more! I'd buy it if I didn't have one already, it's my favorite rifle too!
  3. Well I thought my wally world was keeping up, however it seems like they are in the process of stopping ammo sales. There has always been lots of 12g, but now I am I am seriously starting to wonder,,..
  4. Nice factory S-12 hand guard, and that scope mount is nice too
  5. ??????? you will get plenty of chances to try in BCT. never went through BCT, but did do several FTXs I have had AKs for years, and just got my first AR recently, and while field stripping is similar, when you go any past that, or try to clean mechanisms within the AR, it has all kinds of springs and detents that pop out and fall on the floor and a lot of main parts are made from aluminum, and the uppers wiggle when assembled to the lower. NOT the case with an AK! and the AK stock can also fold while still maintaining it's recoil reduction. KISS. and then for christ's sake,..
  6. Also , it helps to have the gas block attached , and the rear sight also welded or mounted in place and a laser bore sighter installed so you can line it all up, then lightly tack weld it, test alignment, then lay down the beads for tig or mig welding. most likely will not burn through the block, they are pretty tough
  7. Hey Cameron, Thanks, Got any plans for the Vepr 12 yet? would love to see some ideas!!
  8. I know you asked first, but the next guy PM'd me and said "Ill take it" and I didn't see your post until after I checked my messages. That one went for $40 + shipping, but it's sold now.
  9. Lemon or not, the vepr 12 seems to be just as needy as any saiga 12, if TROMIX offered one that fit the MD 20 with the MD arms magwell adapter or some other manufactured magwell that fits the S-12 or Vepr 12 and the MD 20, that' be cool!
  10. RE: CHAOS, When I first ordered the Porcupine, I received 2 in the mail! like the next day or so. I contacted Cameron and let him Know I got 2 instead of the one I ordered. So I sent the extra one back and Cameron and he told me I could get 50% off any future order for letting him know, NOW that's 'effin 'merica if I ever seen it. CHAOS YOU ROCK!! Keep up the good work! ....of course now all I can think of is another S-12 porcupine,..BRING IT BACK! they go for like,.. $300 now!
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