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  1. Deadeye

    A trick for reloading buckshot

    Great way of measuring pellets. Its the slowest type of ammo for me to reload
  2. I was able to log in using my old email. But i can't remember my old password to change it to a new one
  3. Finaly got into my old email and can log in after a few years.
  4. that is some cool targets. nice shooting too.
  5. That's also a problem. I haven't used that email in a very long time eather. I don't think it still exists. Is there a administrator I can message to try and get a new password and email set up?
  6. I tried that but I have to know my old password to reset a new one????
  7. Deadeye

    Scope Mount

    agreed ^^^^^^^ I think the side rail on the 308. isn't strong enough to hold larger optics. Mine will flex in the rivits holding the rail on. go with a tws rail or beryle style. Krebs makes one too.
  8. Deadeye

    What Options Are Left?

    Cut it off. and remove. then cut your barrel to 18 or so. Re weld the front sight to the gas block????
  9. How do I reset my password? I have forgotten it. I was able to log in on my old laptop but cant figure out my old password. to sign in on my phone.
  10. Deadeye

    Gas tube bent....

    Post a pic
  11. Deadeye

    Installing a Rifled Barrel for the Vepr-12

    I want that mold for the lyman pellet gun slug if anyone has one they aren't using.
  12. Deadeye

    custom wood bayonets

    Try apex gun parts
  13. Deadeye

    Anybody have any luck with Dinzag muzzle brakes?

    I want a bayonet for my s12. What type works best?