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  1. Selling my Saiga 12 that has been converted and upgraded. All excess holes have been welded shut. AK triggergaurd has been professionally riveted on and the receiver has been cut to accept an AK pistol grip nut/grip. This is STRONG. Much better than the flimsy bolt on trigger guard/grip set up commonly seen. Hand adjustable MD Arms gas plug with multiple settings. Kreb's Customs Sights include front sight post and rear peep sight. KVAR furniture. Runs flawlessly with any ammo including crappy Winchester white box bird shot. Also including 1 SGM 10 rd mag, 2 AGP 10 rd mags, an extra AGP
  2. I'm wondering if there's somewhere to buy a replacement oem mag release lever. Just the plain old one that came originally on the gun. I know a couple of guys change em out for the extended mag release. Maybe someone has a spare sitting around?
  3. Does anyone use the Dinzag S12 AK74 Style Brake? I'm trying to decide if I want to shell out for one. How do you like it? Anyone have pics of one installed? This is the one:
  4. your tips were greatly appreciated! i banged the hell out of the rear sight trying to remove it and it wouldn't budge! the hacksaw method works great! sure it takes longer than a dremel but there is NO chance for error! thanks to your suggestions i was able to install my Krebs Battle sights with NO effort! Thanks!
  5. very enlightening! my s12 has run flawlessly thus far. just figured i'd throw the question out there to get a general consensus on the vent. on a brighter note,the KVAR hand guard is friggin' awesome! VERY well built and quite sexy as well!
  6. yeah i figured it was there to bleed off excess gas,but it does seem like the stock hand guard plugs that hole pretty damn good!
  7. i recently switched over to the KVAR hand guard. the gas block vent hole is exposed when using this hand guard, whereas it was covered by the stock hand guard. does this affect pressure in the gas block at all or should it function essentially the same? my S12 has run flawlessly thus far but i know some people have tig welded this vent hole shut in the past to increase gas pressure. Just curious as i've not had a chance to fire it yet with the KVAR unit. the arrow points to where i'm talking about: here's where i've seen it welded shut:
  8. Looking to trade a US MADE Black KVAR/ARSENAL NATO length stock for a US MADE Black KVAR/ARSENAL WARSAW (standard) length stock. The NATO was a little to long for me. Works out great if you've got long arms. Stock is in good condition and ready to slap on your AK!
  9. yes it is still for sale. i didn't check the thread in a while pms work better. still for sale?
  10. i have a brand new in the package GG&G vertical foregrip for sale. it is completely waterproof and has space to store either batteries or spare bolt. it comes with GG&G's lifetime warranty should it ever break or need replacing. $30 shipped. paypal or money order.
  11. http://www.kalashnikovvodka.com/usa/ . . this is correct. this is how a found my local distributor. they directed me to a liquor store about 10 minutes from my house!
  12. california. our mags have to be detached by using a tool. semi-automatic and pistol grip is a no go otherwise. Perhaps you could just weld a small screwdriver to your cut down mag release... we've gotta play the game to even have an s12 out here. to revise my prior statement: otherwise semi auto shotgun w/ detachable mag is not allowed. the "tool" cannot be permanently attached.
  13. california. our mags have to be detached by using a tool. semi-automatic and pistol grip is a no go otherwise.
  14. That looks like a Krebs... and that puzzles me, because I see a notch rear sight, rather than the aperture Krebs rear sight that is sold along with the fsb. CRUCIFIED, if you have the Krebs rear sight that is meant to be used with that fsb, use it. If you don't, why not? Btw, your restored Saigas look great! i have thus far kept stock rear sight for a few simple reasons: i like having a similar sight picture as my 7.62x39 saiga, as far as the front sight towers the only other one available was dinzag's. i wasn't keen on the idea of it just being held in place by a set s
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