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  1. This is a Saiga .308 with the long barrel that I converted to use a standard AK stock and grip. I also custom fitted an Entreprise FN FAL free float tube to the front of the rifle. I plan on moving the FSB back one pin from the end of the barrel and threading it to take FN FAL muzzle devices. I also need to touch up the finish.
  2. What ammo were you using in your .308?? It looks like at least three of the shots you fired "keyholed" This would indicate that the bullets are not stabilizing properly in your rifle.
  3. IT WORKS!!!!! I got the bullet guide from Dinzag yesterday. When I installed it last night the drill bit moved a little. It made the bullet guide so that one side was higher then the other. One side of the mag would feed but not the other. The bullets on the high side would hit the guide. This was my fault not Dinzag's guide. I used a torch and some brazing rod to add material to the bottom edge of the bullet guide. I then shaped it with a sanding drum on my Dremmel. After a few tries I got it to hand cycle dummy rounds perfectly. I took it to the range and fired three 30 round AR
  4. I have a good friend that is a licensed manufacturer that builds Aks. I am certain he could re-rivet it for me for next to nothing if they do come loose. I do not think they will as the trunion still has four other good rivets in it.
  5. I don't have any orlites to try. The heads of the two rivets are pretty much gone. One thing I did learn from moving the trigger assembly is how strong rivets are even with the head ground off. It took several good hits from the hammer to punch out the trigger plate rivets even with the head gone. The trunion on my .223 looks like it is held to the receiver by six rivets. I have removed the heads of two of the rivets. The runion is still held in place by 4 complete rivets and two partial rivets. The stress on the rivets is a shear stress and I am confident that the trunion will hold
  6. I was working out of town this past week. Here is what I have done so far: I have installed a black tapco stock and grip. I put the POSP from my PSL on it for fun The hardest part was trying to grind out the "corners" above the shelf where the front of the mag rests to allow the front corners of the adapter to fit. I also opened the front of the magwell slightly to allow for the adapter to fit. Next I removed just enough material from the bottom of the lugs to allow the AR mag to seat. I ground the rear of the lugs at a 45* angle to match the top of the AR mag so I would
  7. I got my adapter yesterday. I opened up the magwell in the front and around the mag catch to allow the adapter to fit in the rifle. I made a bullet guide from a peice of 3/4 pipe. I modified one ar15 mag by removing material in a similar manner as you would when trying to fit an ak mag. (I wanted to see if it would feed right before I ground on the bottom of the lugs) Every thing worked good so I removed some material on the bottom of the lugs until a normal AR mag would lock in. I did not have to remove very much of the bottom of the lugs to allow the mag fit. I have not test fired yet
  8. Can you share with us the vendor you ordered it from? Thanks I posted the information here: http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?showtopic=21383
  9. I ordered one yesterday from Derek at AZEX arms in Mesa. AZ. It has been assembled and a finish applied. It was not cheap but he still said he had several. They are not listed on his web page. He had one for auction on Gunbroker a few days ago. That is how I tracked him down. The adapter I ordered should arrive by Saturday. http://www.azexarms.com/ Here is a link to the closed auction with pictures of the adapter: http://www.gunbroker.com/Auction/ViewItem.asp?Item=91149430
  10. I already ordered a Galil mag adapter. I should have it tomorrow or Saturday. Thanks for the welcome MJ.
  11. I recently picked up a S223. I already have LOTS of AR mags. I would prefer to use the plentiful mag I already have instead of stocking up on ANOTHER type of mag. I have read a few threads from last year on modding the receiver to allow the Galil M16 mag adapter to fit on the rifle. Here is one of the threads I have been reading/rereading: http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?showtopic=17312&hl= This conversion requires permanent mods to the rifle so I would like to get more info before I start. I have a few questions. 1. Who here has done this conversion? 2. How r
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