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  1. My M&P15R Now fitted with an AAC Blackout flashhider/suppressor mount.
  2. DHunter

    My own Miss. Saiga

    Unlike the other so-called Miss. Saiga's, mine actually shoots & posses with with one.
  3. Well if your feeling like working up interesting things, how about a subsonic round using jacketed bullets for the PSL. I'd be very interested in a good recipe for that one considering I'm now waiting for a silencer that will be going on my PSL. I've been looking for such info, but only found a couple of loads using cast bullets meant to be fired from MNs.
  4. Indy you freak'n hack! You're going to give an old fart a heart attack.
  5. While we are on the subject or hunting loads for the PSL. Anyone know where I can find sub-sonic load data for use with light to medium jacketed bullets?
  6. You can't go wrong with the PSL. After replacing the heavy, gritty trigger with an RSA adjustable and switching to an 8X Russian PSOP scope I've really enjoyed mine. Also just finished replacing the Muzzle break with an AAC 51T Muzzle break. Unfortunately though, I'm still waiting for AAC to finish building the 762SDN6 suppressor that will attach to it.
  7. That's great news. Hope all continues to go well.
  8. Mmmmm. I thinks you made the right choice. I love my PSL.
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