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  1. mexicos leader says we are to blame as well for the casino massacare that just happened. I thnik its time that the world declares war and ends this now once and for all.
  2. that damm little 223 round. It sucks. cant kill anything but varmints. Well tell that to the norway shooter who killed dozens with the 223 round. makes me wanna get a 223 saiga one day.
  3. i will stick with my saiga 7.62x39. i also was in the army 22 years ago. I shoot pretty good with my gun. I'm just wondering how bad will it get?
  4. our credit rating has been down graded to aa for the 1st time in our history. Mobs of youths have been attacking people for no reason in many states. The united nations is trying to take away our countries gun rights even though they are saying that thats not what they want. A columbine incident in louisana had been stopped. It would have happened Monday. All this chaos and evil eveywhere. This is not fear mongoring its the truth. We have people in office that hate our country trying to turn it into something it was never meant to be. Alot of people on this forum and other forums have been ta
  5. aparently groups of youths upto 20 years old have been rampaging in several states attacking people and stealing what they can steal. thease groups range into the 100's at a time. What the fuck is going on in this country?
  6. the real reason Japan didn't invade was that what they wanted was not war with the US. They gambled thinking that if they crippled our navy, they could force us to the table to bargain in their favor. The US Army was not fighting German forces at the time as we were not at war yet. Although volunteer fighter pilots were operating in England combating german planes we were not at war. Our Army was not even close to 2 million soldiers at that time. As of July 1941 we had a standing army of just over 600000 men. On December 7th we had a army of 1.3 million. But as any person who should know, th
  7. dontknow if im allowed to say this but Kalinka optics i trust. i bought a 4xposp from them with no problems.
  8. CSS do you have to cut a groove into the barrel of a 7.62x39 saiga to use this part?
  9. i did some searching but couldnt find what I needed. my question is this. can the ultimak gas tube rail fit with tapcos saiga intrafuse tri-rail handguard?
  10. just so you know alligator snapping turtles are protected by law. if thats what you have then you will be illegally killing them. if they are the other species of turtles known as snapping turtles then they are allowed to be hunted.
  11. hey tackdriver carolina shooter supply just released a tri-rail forearm for our rifles. they look awesome.
  12. tackdriver, T&F firearms in Thomasville georgia might be able to do it.
  13. hey whats up tackdriver? hows my former saiga 308 shooting? take a look at the pictures of your former saiga 7.62 on tallahassee gun forum or here on the 7.62 pictures thread.
  14. this makes me want to shout out to carolina shooters supply. you guys are the bomb when it comes to saiga items. i will always support you when i need something. now if only you started selling ak ammo. then i'd have zero money left.
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