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  1. #1 German Beer: Warsteiner #2 American Beer: Samuel Adams Boston lager/or Ale #3 American Beer: MGD then followed by other good beers, and I don't mean water that is colored yellow to look like beer. No one brews better Beer then the Germans, hands down. The hard stuff. #1 Russian Vodka- Stoli (HAHA, keep this away from me.....) #2 Jagermeister No one does better Vodka then the Russians, yeah yeah I don't wanna hear it from you Gray goose fans Wine- I'll have some every now and then, drinking some red table wine atm.
  2. I would say this forum has been very informative, helpful, and sometimes funny I've been away for a while, so I haven't seen whats been going on recently, but I've always enjoyed reading and posting here. take it easy all, Verson
  3. OMFG, The founding fathers would be rolling in their graves if they knew what was going on. Flintlocks are restricted, how many blackpower crimes are there. Geeze.
  4. Hey guys, was wondering if anyone knew of a place that made working models of Flintlock pistols? If they were not to expensive, I might consider getting one for fun. would be funny if you still had a background check on a modern repulica. haha
  5. After some great info and suggestions from all you guys. I decided to pick up an Kel-Tec .380 And I got to take it to the range yesterday. The good- from what I've seen it shoots where I point it, weighs as much as my cell phone, and my version didnt seem to jam due to limp wristing. the bad- I do have one very bad flaw with this gun. The mag wont stay in place. I was shooting and noticed the mag drop to the ground. *hrmmm* I thought did I hit the mag release button???? Well I tried it some more, and found out thats not the problem. For some reason it drops the mag when I go
  6. Thanks for the gun and holster info guys! I like the idea of a the pocket holster, (or perhaps a ankle holster if I get some pants) All the guns suggested are right on the money. I really like P3AT because loaded its only weighs in at 10 oz. I also liked the NAA Guaridan, but it does weighs 20 oz and is about $100 more, but looks very nice. The beretta tomcat is also pretty nice. A again a little bit more money and a little more heavy. also only in .32 The Bersa looks cool, but again is a little bigger and the most heavy of so far seen at 25 oz. Looks like I'll be
  7. Hey guys, I do landscaping (yard work, mowing, weedeating etc) and I'm allowed to carry a gun with me. Some places we work are at some apartments where I know some friends have been robed before, and I've had several strange people come up to "talk to us". My problem is while I love my p2000 its hard to take it because of several reasons. 1) my clothes for work are usually a pair of shorts and a white undershirt. Its a real pain in the butt to conceal it. 2) I dont really feel like exposing my baby to the ton of dirt, dust, water, and plant matter. Dont get me wrong I h
  8. cool buy Chips, I would like one, but when you are running up into the $400+ range for a .22 I dunno. Even with cool ness factor. heck I had a hard enough time to justify a pretty decent bolt action .22 in wall mart. Looked like a pretty sold gun, (dont remember what brand, had to see what it is when its in those huge display cases) Plus its crazy I was walking by by the rifle section in wall mart and there was an older gentlemen (like 60+) with his wife buying a rifle and the store guy was giving him a lecture. "Well now, I know you were in the Army and all, BUT
  9. whatthedil, you are right I could get an AK, I dunno. I was thinking sks would be fun and different. Kinda like turning an sks in a modern AK. plus sks's are cheaper.
  10. Okie, I've been thinking of getting an SKS and Tricking it out just because I feel like it. What I would like to do is get one of the ATI folding stocks, which I'm pretty sure should be legal right??? I know I can get a collapsible AR stock, why not one for an SKS? problem is I've seen several sights which still say no folding ati stock for 922 rules. I would also like to cut barrel down from 20 inches to 16, add threads and put a conical compensator. I dunno if the web sites are old but I keep finding pre and post ban crap and its driving me nuts. Is what I just said lega
  11. and dont get the cleaner in your eye either. Sucks big time.
  12. Hey guys, Just found this today. I think its pretty cool, wouldnt mind having one, but alas I can not spend the 2000 green on it hehe
  13. I love german beer, Warsteiner is my fav. I'll have to try some of that stuff in AK however odly enough Russian beer isnt too bad either, Tinkov was the one I tried.
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