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  1. Sorry, I won't mention it again. I was a business member here, but stopped for a couple reasons. One, it was getting on the expensive side, and I cannot count it on my taxes anymore. Two, I got totally screwed over by another business member here, and nobody cared. And no, it wasn't MD Arms.
  2. Well, as said this gun isn't for everyone. I have a friend who bought one and had it converted, only to sell it to keep his Mossberg 500. He just wasn't enamored with it. No big deal. Really, everywhere and with everything, you will only hear the complaints, not the praises. Sure, there are some praises, but it'll be 99% complaints. It's just like at work, your boss only complains, he doesn't say anything about what you do right (unless you're real lucky). Also, in Russia, the weapons culture isn't quite the same as here. They don't have guns as "toys", with "cheap, weak loads" to "play"
  3. Umm, $XXX I'd ask that before you publicly offer your services you become a business member.
  4. $1600 ??? For a hackjob ?? Jesus, I'm not a business member yet.
  5. Bummer. Get a local machine shop to cut a short threaded piece with that thread on it, and a shank next to it of a couple thousandths below bore diameter.
  6. Wow. Technically, if he brings his gun over to you, leaves it behind, you convert it, he pays you money and you give it back, then yes, it was illegal. You do in fact need an FFL to conduct business as a Gunsmith. However, he can come over and you can "help him" do a conversion, and he throws you a tip for your kindness, who's to say?
  7. The bolt carrier isn't modified, so that part is up to you. The magwell should be in, that way it can be fitted properly, should there be some difference between the magwell and no magwell.
  8. For Post '86 Samples, any SOT Manufacturer can have them, and any SOT Dealer can have them if they also have an LE Demo letter. Of course, LE agencies and Gov't agencies can have them. He's an SOT Dealer, and provided a letter. So really, his company owns it. Unlike regular firearms, or even other NFA items, should he close the business, he'd have to sell or turn in any Post Samples. We are the same in that respect. Persons cannot own them. There's a 5 min demo video I made for it on Youtube. Search "Gunfixr Select Fire Saiga"
  9. Cool, I'll have to give Greg a call. Yeah, I do the tubes one at a time also. I myself don't much care for the 8" guns. They're just so obnoxious to the shooter. I think the perfect length is about 12-14".
  10. Let's see if I can get everything answered. I used to have a Business Section membership, and so don't have an email in my profile. However, I added an email in my profile. Honestly, I don't get on here much in the last year or so. As for services, we are an SOT Manufacturer, so we can do pretty much anything. I work on pretty much anything, not just Saigas. While Tom had/has a great idea, as it is a 1st Generation kind of thing, I saw areas where I thought it could be improved. It can be made to work, but I think as is, it will always be super finicky as to how it's fitted. I haven't had a
  11. If you can make the guide, you don't need the die nut. After all, using a hand die on a bar will not ensure the threads being straight, the guide needs to be cut on a lathe.
  12. You know, it just occurred to me, I tightened the crap outta the handguard screws, pulled that top down really tight. I abhor loose screws on anything. Anyway, try loosening those up a bit, see it it hasn't flexed the gas tube and increased the drag.
  13. Well, after seeing the pics I just kinda scanned over the rest. The pics show a fullsize gas system, which means it canot be an 8" gun, since the gas system takes up over 9" of barrel. It looks like about a 10 1/2 or 11" barrel. I built a gun that short without shortening the gas system once, just because the customer wanted to save some coin. It would only run the hotter game loads, the 3 1/4 dram stuff. It would not run the Walmart type stuff at all. So first, if the paperwork says 8", your builder doesn't know what he's doing, as he can't even read. Second, even at it's current length,
  14. We don't carry the same ammo as the Walmart bulk pack. Both the Federal and the Winchester Universal that Walmart carries is a 3 dram powder load under a 1 1/8oz shot load. Whenever I use this load for testing, I have to go get some, just like everybody else, and so I don't always have it at the shop. What we do have is the Winchester game loads, which is a low brass birdshot load with a 3 1/4 dram powder load under a 1oz shot load. High brass is typically a 3 3/4 dram powder load under at least a 1 1/8 or 1 1/4 oz shot load. I tested the gun with the low brass game loads, with which all w
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