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  1. EddieMossberg

    Second run shipping?

    Recieved mine today! Number 3138. My drum fit perfectly out of the box, no fitting required. I haven't fired it yet, but it loads and hand cycles easily. Not to mention it feels very solid and well built. Thanks alot Mike!
  2. EddieMossberg

    Red Stick Firearms

    Mine is pretty awesome, I'd get it if I were you.
  3. EddieMossberg

    Newly Converted Saiga-12 from Red Jacket!

    Two thumbs up for RedJacket... I love mine (Saiga 12 RAK), the trigger is pretty smooth on mine as well.
  4. EddieMossberg


    Sweet setup! Is that an UltiMak rail? I thought those didn't work with HK style front sites installed.
  5. EddieMossberg

    Newbie question..

    Yes! I'm glad to hear that! Thank you, that makes my night.
  6. EddieMossberg

    Newbie question..

    Hi all, I'm new here, but I've been into AK's for a couple years now. I recently recieved my Saiga 12 and I see it was made in Russia. Is the S12 considered a Kalshnikov? Or is it a clone? I would love to be able to say that I own a real Russian Kalashnikov! What do you all think? Thanks.
  7. EddieMossberg

    tactical & low recoil 00 loads in S12?

    I don't know about Federal, but my Winchester low recoil slugs work fine in my Saiga 12. These work fine on setting number one, I've fired roughly 75 of these shells. I don't know if Federals will have the same results. Could you just buy one box to try them out? Never tried the TAP shells.
  8. EddieMossberg

    I picked it up

    That's awesome, do you have pics? How is it to shoot? I'm gonna have to get a Tromix sometime in the future. I've got a RedJacket Saiga conversion. It's pretty nice as well.
  9. Dang, that's got to be one scummiest things I've heard in a while. Poor kid.
  10. EddieMossberg

    Altantic Fire Arms MP12

    While I don't have the MP12, I do own the Saiag 12 RAK from Atlantic and Redstick. It is my first Saiga, so I can't reference it with anything, but I can say it is very well made. Two thumbs way up for RedStick and Atlantic.
  11. EddieMossberg

    New owner here, hi all..

    Thanks, I can do that. Sounds easy enough.
  12. EddieMossberg

    New owner here, hi all..

    OK I went ahead and cleaned the weapon up and looking inside, it appears that the spring is only on top of the trigger bar on the left hand side, not the right. The sping leg on the right seems to holdthe BHO in place. So is this right hand hand spring leg supposed to slip over the right hand trigger bar? It looks as though it could be made to slip over. If so, what technique should I use. I wish I had a camera. Thanks.
  13. EddieMossberg

    New owner here, hi all..

    Thanks guys, AllJacks, actually I got the one with the Russian handguard with the lower rail. This rail worked pretty well today, it stayed cool enough to fire as many rounds as stated above. I don't know about the mp5 rail, but it looks slanted. So I may be going back out tommorrow, I'll see if this problem persists.
  14. EddieMossberg

    New owner here, hi all..

    Hi all, I'm proud to say that I now own a Saiga 12 RAK from Atlantic Firearms and Red Jacket Firearms. I'd like to say that Atlantic was great to do business with. They answered all my questions promptly and shipped quickly upon payment. I can safely say I will be ordering from them again. Red Jacket also gets my praise, the weapon was in perfect condition and the workmanship is top notch in my opinion. I still want a Tromix, but this weapon is very high quality as well. BTW, I have no ties to any of these companies. I received the weapon about two weeks ago, and haven't been able to fire it until this morning. My friend and I went out to a secluded spot out in BFE to try this beast out. First impression.... WOW! I've never had so much fun firing a shotgun! I fired nearly 300 shells of 00 buck and slugs in roughly 45 min! I'm truly impressed with the capabilities of this weapon. I'm not a huge guy, yet the recoil was so very comfortable. It beats the s**t out of my old trusty 590 A1 as far as recoil. Like I said, we fired a substantial amount of lead, yet I could have kept going all day. Even now my shoulder is practically 100%! I'm not sore at all! This is far and away the best shotgun I've ever owned, and I'm a shotgun guy. I'm still excited, I just got home. Here's the rundown, in the first 100 shells, it failed to feed twice. Both failures occured with the AGP 10 rnd. mags, somewhere near the middle of the mag dump. The factory five rnd mag was flawless from the start. After about 100 shells, all mags functioned perfectly. I think I've worked the feeding problem out through firing it out. I'll continue testing. The ammo was all Winchester 00 buck and full power slugs. I did fire some low recoil slugs as well, which worked fine on setting number one. I didn't try any birdshot this time out, but I will soon. Now here's the problem. Near the end of the shooting session, approaching 250 shells fired, the trigger would not reset itself upon firing a shell. It would stay in the rearward position. I had to manually pull it back into the proper firing postion with my fingers. This happened four times and each time I had to pull the trigger back out to continue firing. The weird thing is, it would do that and I'd fix it, then it would fire several magazines before happening again. It seemed the trigger would do this randomly. Could it be from fouling up the works due to firing several hundred rounds in short time? It is pretty dirty right now. Any suggestions? Thanks! I'm new, but feel free to ask my anything about the weapon. I'll try to share any way I can. Sorry, I dont own a camera. Eddie