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  1. I used a pliable and strong smooth plastic tooth brush to get the magpul rubber to stretch. ...pull hard and dont poke your fuggen eye out.
  2. I agree that a Military shotgun would be just plain shorter in general. It never occurred to me that the 24" would hurt anything other than shorter tactical stuff. Most accurate hunting style shotguns sport the longer barrels. Maybe we'll see what others can share on the topic of smoothbore slug's accurracy in the 24" vs. 19" Saiga 12 shotgun.
  3. http://riflestocks.com/catalog/product_inf...products_id=306 .....they said so!
  4. bad ass question. I dont know.
  5. MAGPUL website info. http://www.magpul.com/catalog/index.php?ma...products_id=201 Whats your opinin on this rubber pull assist product? I'm about sold. Convert it, ya, ya I know, I know!... All in all the rubber did seem to help the mag durability from a bounce and stopped the AGP 10rd minor vibration noise from a ting or bump(it just felt more solid). Thumbs up here.
  6. Try to quickly pull a 10rd agp or 5rd out of a pouch, sometimes you spill a single round. that pisses me off.
  7. Light products http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6qbORxrUWcI...re=channel_page Fenix P3D AA lights or CR123 series The Fenix P3D CE Premium Q5 is a high-tech, rugged tool that's perfect for any lighting application. It features six levels of output, which not only allows the user to select the best compromise between brightness and runtime for any given task but also has ability to aid in an emergency. What's more, the Fenix P3D CE Premium Q5 throws an awesome 215 lumens beam, an incredible amount of light for a light of any size. If you're looking for a flashlight with solid reliabili
  8. Its the 24" barrel version. Whats a light stock saiga 12, 24" weight w/o magazine? (I never did a before & after). I can get a rough est., but I would rather wait for a better scale. (really avg. bathroom scale here). Im after a 19" next, than I can have 2 saigas, with the insurance of spare parts. I kept it 24" because I wanted to hit things with a slug from afar. At 40-60 cents per slug, I frown with a missed slug shot.
  9. The rubber Magpul pull-assist can store one round to quickly "pop" in an empty mag. ....... the handle.......and the stock tube are hollow. -lots of space for anything! 135 lumens for 3.5hrs too. Fenix P3d seems like a great light to try later! Thanks for the comments ....after the stock tube foam gets beat up, I want to do the "para-cord deal" wrapped around the tube.
  10. Current Pics. My Eotech 512 AAbatt model is going to go on it. A possible second 19" saiga is in the works. My Ace folder is on backorder
  11. The sight seems to be unmovable, no spin, nothing! Whats the next step of options? How can I tell from the gun or all the info on the 12's manual, to get the gun manuf. date?
  12. I bought a Saiga 12 in Summer 07'. Carolina shooter Supply has ultimak in stock, but says the 08' saiga 12 is the "exception" and need new drilled mods. I had purchased it in 07'???? WTF.??? ....and my front sight pin was stuck and now after many tries........ is buried and needs an "EZ-out"! I sent them an email, but no contact yet, Ill try later tonight again to follow up w/ the pics I sent them. Any thoughts?
  13. Holy AGP!!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1xYTj_0RekQ
  14. I have 14 UNUSED AGP 10rd mags, and 4 factory 5rd...... ......so I should rethink my curious surefire thoughts and hold to AGP? off note, I am also trying to build a custom "Oh shiiiiit" vest. I like the handgun molle mounted chest position with a primary weapon of rifle or 12ga How many AGP would you keep????? lol,.......This will be similar someday
  15. Tx30 and included Aimpoint mount for $300 sounds fair if a buyer would pay the shipping. My zip is 44233 Ohio. I Think I just really like my Eotech You can find a really nice (AK vs Sig556 shootout) post by me at http://www.sigarms556.com/viewtopic.php?t=...;highlight=tx30 You might need to log in to see it all.
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