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  1. PM me please. OEM Saiga stock (2 available) $15 shipped USA: OEM Saiga 7.62x39 forend $15 shipped USA, or $25 for forend and stock shipped USA: K-VAR pistol grip, black, $13 shipped USA: OEM Saiga 12 forend vented by Tony Rumore at Tromix $30 shipped USA:
  2. There's a x39 in this video with some cool slo-mo shots (along with a 12, mossberg 500, Kimber 1911 w/ .22 conversion, Desert Eagle .50, glock 17, and an old bolt action 30/40) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1F6Vron0LuU
  3. Wait but the bolt closes quicker than the drum can feed a round high enough for the bolt to engage. Also, I've never adjusted the spring on the drum yet, it's set at whatever it is from Mike D himself. Hope that clarifies, thanks. For the heavy loads, wouldn't that mean the spring isn't wound tight enough if the round doesn't make it up in time for the bolt to engage it?
  4. Wait but the bolt closes quicker than the drum can feed a round high enough for the bolt to engage. Also, I've never adjusted the spring on the drum yet, it's set at whatever it is from Mike D himself. Hope that clarifies, thanks.
  5. My Saiga 12 runs great with the factory gas knob and AGP 10 rounders and the factory 5 rounder with high and low brass ammo. As soon as I load up my MD20 though, I get feeding problems. Either the bolt doesn't have enough umphff to fully chamber the round, or the bolt returns to quick and the top round in the drum hasn't made it up far enough yet so the bolt gets snagged about halfway on the round. I do notice that as the drum empty's it's less likely to FTF so I'm thinking the spring in the drum isn't wound tight enough to get the weight of the rounds up there? Would this be a bottom of t
  6. Anything special about them or is it just another USA part to add to the mix? As well as a convenient way to get a replacement firing pin too I guess.
  7. Ok I'll continue being patient as I see that first runners are still getting plugs as the days go by.
  8. I think I've let enough time go by before I start to wonder where my gas plug is. I'm a first run customer and haven't got it yet. Should I have by now?
  9. Niiiice!! (said like Borat says it)
  10. Well it all worked out, here's some rough screenshots, video coming soon with the rifle footage, might even have some Saiga footage in there depending on the couple scenes left to shoot up here in the Pacific NW.
  11. Haven't tried the Estate buckshot but the Estate birdshot (2 3/4", 1oz, 7 1/2 shot) won't feed in mine at all while the Federal (2 3/4", 1 1/8oz, 7 1/2 shot) will.
  12. Thanks everybody for the offers, even though not quite all the way there I'm still on the lookout for a for sure rifle (and a for sure military vehicle like a Deuce or Jeep if anybody happens to have one of those)
  13. I'm producing a music video and we're shooting (camera shooting not gun shooting ) this weekend in Houston. I'm trying to get a hold of an M16 or AR15 for the scene which we're shooting on Sunday morning. The shots with the gun include close ups of inserting the mag, loading rounds in the mag, slinging it over the back, charging the handle, running with the gun slung over back and that's it. Of all the guns I own, none will exactly fit the part for this. The video's theme is military related, the artist, KB, is from a group called Street Military so I'm using the military theme as a meta
  14. And I'd love to be the photographer for this (hint hint Tony)
  15. Seems to be if you order an extra one you'll get both but I'm a first run customer too and haven't received mine either so I'm just being patient. Can't wait to unload this thing without all these miserable FTF's and halfway FTF's (whatever that's called).
  16. If you go with the more expensive one remember that conversion is cheaper than that stock. +1 on converting.
  17. And all of this compared to the Saiga? Of course I realize I'm on the Saiga site
  18. My first long gun was a Mossberg 500, then I got the Saiga 12. Then I decided it was time for a rifle, so I went with the 7.62x39 Saiga. I love everything about it. Converted it myself and almost want to get another one just to do it all over again What's the deal with the WASR though? Seems to have quite the following but for me, all I really know is my Saiga x39 so what's the deal? I love the fact that the Saiga is Russian. WASR pros/cons? Are there people that love WASR's but hate Saigas? And vice-versa?
  19. Hey I like the laser on mine. Laser/flashlight mounted on the Izhmash picatinny handguard. Turn the laser on and fold the stock and it's the ultimate hallway peruser. I've got the HK sights but the rear is where the old rear was. Had the option mount on receiver cover but opted for sturdier mount location. Heard they're great for clays but haven't tried yet. I don't see a need for anything other than a single rail (for flashlight or flashlight/laser Streamlight TLR-2 as is the case on mine) on one of these 12's cause as we all are aware, it is a shotgun.
  20. I've got a Streamlight TLR-2 on mine (mounted on a Izhmash picatinny handguard). It's f'ing awesome! With your hand on the grip your index finger can just reach out and flick the switch (momentary or constant). The TLR-2 is a laser and a light or switchable to only laser or only light. Quick disconnect mount too. Shooting stuff with the stock folded and the laser going is too much fun! Got it on eBay for about $250 new, they're on there all day long for that price.
  21. A little patience and you'll get the part you need. All parts are replaceable.
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