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  1. Sad to say but Burlington is my home town. They elected a wanna-be Obama for a leader and he was elected the same way Obama was out of people feeling racist if they didn't vote for him because he was black. Burlington keeps losing residents every year because of stupid shit like this and the miss management of the local government......i'm glad i moved less than a year ago so i don't have to deal with this kind of stupid fear mongering.
  2. I will if my kids are home at the time negocitate their safe release from my home and then i'll in all likeliness die for my beliefs and freedom. Plain and simple i will not give them up....No fancy talk, no bravado, no i live here or there or give them the bullets first crap. I will take a stand that will in the end take me but i will not go easy....
  3. I love my mosin as i got 10 of them and wanting more. Ammo's cheap and plentiful and they are good shooters. On the triggers though you may want to look on you tube for the video of a guy that uses a small washer and spring to make a smooth pulling trigger. They also have them on ebay as a kit you can get. Also they do have finnish parts for mosins for sale also to improve the trigger without paying the big cost of a timmey type triggers. Just my 2 cents....
  4. Just my 2 cents, but how many saigas have you seen carried worldwide as a MBR? FAL's have seen action all over the world with less than highly trained troops carrying them, so they had to be built tough and reliable. Yes the saiga is based roughly on an AK platform so it should take the same abuse. But no real world time put in as a saiga though. I've got 2 FAL's, one that was done by DSA and i wouldn't trade them for the world. Parts are in plenty and mags are plentiful and cheap. Yes you do need to know which FAL you have but DSA can help with this and make it easy. I'd suggest before you
  5. I'm trying to remember but i think handguns have to be shipped overnight. Long guns can go ground but not handguns. Just my 2 cents.
  6. I wish i could get one just to collect and get them to do the same thing here in iowa. Why not tell the powers to be where you stand. I've got the gadsden flag decals on my vehicles already and most local law enforcement agree with it. Now is not a time to hide for something you stand for!!!
  7. Can't say enough with product from Bean 223. Would deal with him anytime!!! Product works great!!
  8. I'm with Indy, may be more to the story. But if there isn't and the employer was a goody-to-shoes then ya i'm going to be really pissed. They could have just as easily watched him and if he's seen loading up his guns follow him and if it's back to his work then swarm him before something bad happens. But if i had been this guy in this situation and the swat and negotator woke me up at that hour, you would be seeing it on CNN and FOX because if i had done nothing wrong then i'm NOT coming out nor will i willing give up my guns for "safe keeping" by LEO. I smell more to the story here.
  9. All this talk of sp ammo for the bad guy doing the most damage is fine but, if your worried about fmj or steel core ammo going through then buy hollow points for the unvested bad guy. Meaning a decent caliber hand gun with jacketed hollow points will take care of the problem with limited if any straight through shots happening. But if the bad guy is the gov come to knock knock on your door to say take your guns or relocate you for your own good then no the sp and hollow points ain't going to get it done. You may want to keep some M855 or XM193 handy in a rifle for such occasion. Just saying, h
  10. I've got some 200rds of american tactical xm193 223 i'll sell ya. $78.00 plus ship. If interested pm me. It's reloadable.
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