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  1. Just want to throw out a happy birthday to everybody with a birthday today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Got my drums today, already fit them to the guns, both lock in nice & tight. Thanks Mike keep up the good work.
  3. I have three norinco mak-90's and i love mine, thinking about picking up 1 more
  4. You guys need to try sportsmans guide most of the time they have good prices!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Thanks for the update mike tell the ups man we will let him slide this time Mine shows leaving Ohio 7:50 pm today
  6. If you guy's keep on the MODERATOR'S will shut you down, this is not the place for this sort of stuff.
  7. Let's keep this man's site clean, this started out as drum shipping status lets keep that way.
  8. Might want to try mississippi auto arms, or ace ltd.
  9. All you whiny bitches need to take it to the fight club, not on MD ARMS PAID SITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, get e'm JUGGERNAUT
  10. Got email today saying ordered shipped, thanks mike you are the man,keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!!!!EV-2788
  11. Go on his web site and send him a message give him your order number and tell him you want to cancel that order and he will be more than glad to do that for you, other wise sit back and wait just like everybody else. Mike is trying to get the second round drums out on top of dealing with the gas plugs. This is not the place to complain, if you come here and bitch they will chew your ass up and spit you out. Just a warning have a good one.
  12. Run about $550.00 to $600.00 in N.C.,Traded a rom.ak for mine
  13. Go to ace ltd and check out some of their stocks, mississippi auto arms also has a good selection.
  14. Yep if it gets any slower it will be backing up, need more members to become contributors, +1 Scoutjoe--I'm moving on.
  15. New gas plugs available for order on md arms site!!!!!
  16. Just want to throw out a happy birthday to all the other folks having a B-day today.
  17. If i were you i would not worry about it everything is on the up & up.
  18. I would have told him kiss my ass and do his job and that dont mean running his mouth.
  19. Welcome to the forum, remember you can check in but you can never leave.
  20. Veriforce was making one went to the web site did not see it, contacted them told me they were gone for good,must have stopped them from making it did not go into any details, they were nice ones to.
  21. I think i would feel better about having 10 to 20 rounds at one time !!!
  22. Welcome to the forum, once you check in you can never leave
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