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  1. Maybe you need to take this to the fight club, just a thought
  2. bigdaddyrandall


    I could care less, different strokes for different folks, if that makes you mad you dont need a gun.
  3. bigdaddyrandall

    Anyone order from Ace lately?

    I ordered from ace they sent me an email saying they got the the order, but it might take two weeks to ship.
  4. bigdaddyrandall

    Gas port problems.

    The only trouble i had with the two i have is with the rem. low recoil ammo, shot reg. ammo fine, had gas ports opened up and cycles all ammo fine now dont cost much to have this done. So go ahead and get you one you want be sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. bigdaddyrandall

    Where can i find some 308 ammo cheap

    You might try sportsman guide i bought 500 rounds for $211.00
  6. bigdaddyrandall

    2 Run Shipped?!

    I can see this getting ugly, when SURLY returns.
  7. bigdaddyrandall

    Lets see those handguns!

    Thats a nice revolver, looks like a python, very nice if you ever want to sell it send me a pm:
  8. bigdaddyrandall


    I would like to buy an original saiga side folding stock to put on my saiga iz137 308, if any one has one they want to sell please send pm:,thanks
  9. bigdaddyrandall

    Awesome service from CSS

    I just want to say to all the folks at CSS thanks for the fast shipping, and great service. I will be ordering some other items from you folks, and you have some really good prices. Thanks Scott
  10. bigdaddyrandall

    How Is The 2nd Run Ship Date Holding Up?

    Thanks for the email mike your the man,hope you had a good christmas,and to everybody waiting on 2nd run drums remember good things come to those who wait.
  11. bigdaddyrandall

    Painting an MD-20 drum

    Thats one sweet ass gun, me like
  12. bigdaddyrandall

    Saiga 12 failing to cycle & and eject shells

    If you know a good gun smith take it to him and have him open up the gas ports, had the same trouble with mine, i was shooting low recoil in mine shells kept hanging up while being ejected,opened the ports and i have had no more trouble.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Went to the charlotte gun show today it looked like black friday at wal-mart,most people i have seen at that show!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. bigdaddyrandall

    Testing the waters SKS

    I saw a norinco sks that take ak mags at the charlotte gun show today it was $550.00, reg. wood not thumbhole
  15. Anybody going to the charlotte gun show this weekend
  16. bigdaddyrandall

    Charlotte gun show

    I hope some of the dealers restocked, it was slim pickings two weeks ago
  17. bigdaddyrandall

    Charlotte gun show

    I know who your talking about!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. bigdaddyrandall

    ace folding stock

    I have ace on both my s-12's and i like them
  19. bigdaddyrandall

    Etac...Just gotta vent

    Hey highspeed i live in north carolina and i agree with you, so don't put all of us in the shit head group!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  20. bigdaddyrandall

    Welcome wagon...

    Welcome to the board
  21. bigdaddyrandall

    Promags impossible to find???

    Try sportsman guide non members $21.99, members $19.99 hope this helps, 30 rounds
  22. bigdaddyrandall

    Mike D won't call me back!

    I'm satisfied, but then again i'm not a pain in the ass, give the man a break and let him get on with his business!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  23. They have two different styles of those forearms,one for the shottys and one for rifles,I have one on a rifle and one on an S12 and they fit real nice. The inside on the one for the rifle is just like the stock forearm with the steel clips inside to slide on the pins in the gas block. I know I have a couple more to get yet to put on others now that I see how nice they fit each. Thanks for the help,once i tried what you said they fit fine, thanks again brother,maybe someday i can return the favor