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  1. Mine will consistently put 10 rounds in a group under 1.5" at 50 yards with the IRON SIGHTS!!!


    I put on a Bushnell Trophy red dot with the 4 different reticles... didnt make ANY difference... 1.5" groups - 10 rounds - 50 yards...


    For the coolness factor they are great... :up:


    ( If you want a super accurate - "tack driving" 22LR rifle the GSG-5 is NOT IT... get a Ruger 10/22 and put a new barrel on it. I have a couple that will put 10 rounds in one jagged hole, small enough to fit under a dime at 50 yards... just a thought )






    Thanks INDY i may take your advise, i know where there is a 10/22 with an arc angel stock set up on it looks nice plus you can buy a lot of different mags for it.

  2. post-3915-1233763902_thumb.jpg







    All are carried, all have a few things in common, which one is determined by my needs at the time.




    From Top -

    Colt Defender with MagnaPort, Grips, Beavertail

    Dan Wesson CBOB

    Kimber CDP Ultra II

    Wilson Compact CQB

    Colt Government XSE by Bob Marvel

    Colt Government Mk IV Series 80




    Nice stuff, just sold a colt 38 super ss

  3. Got to go out today and run some rounds thru my drum, no problems. I think Mike needs to name these drums----MIKE'S MAGNIFICENT DRUMS, truly a work of art can't wait to see what's next out of MD ARMS, keep up the good work :beer:

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