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  1. What i want to know is what holds the front of the forearm down on the 7.62x39 the one screw at the back want hold both ends down, lot of play in front. thanks
  2. Go to gilberts guns they have a tri rail forearm for $79.00,they have them for most saiga guns hope this helps.
  3. I didn't make it, but here ya go: . See thats mean,wrong and all that stuff,but it's funny thanks,22 shooter,Will, hope you all have a good thanksgiving see ya"
  4. Is your slapper broke,lets get it on,my bad did not see it
  5. Just want to wish 1911 a happy birthday,hope you have many more
  6. The only sks that i have seen that cost that much is norinco paratrooper that will use ak mags. I have paid 450.00 to 500.00 for norinco mak-90's
  7. I like it put me down for 1 or two just let me know!1!!!!!!!!!!1
  8. Order will say pending, but should also say deposit received hope this helps
  9. Sportsmans guide wolf 7.62 x 39 just over $200.00 a thousand happy shooting!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Guess we all need to plan out a meeting place and tell um to come and get um!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. I had trouble with rem. 2-3/4 00 buck low recoil in s-12's wanting to jam had to have the gas ports opened up on both my s-12's so it would cycle them, and the only reason i did that was i had 750 rounds did not want that to go to waste if you know what i mean.
  12. Ok dad & mom & kid needs to have their ass beat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. If that was my kid i would have beat his ass when he came home and told me about it, and any body that takes the kids side needs their ass beat!!!!!!!!!
  14. I bought some rem. sts low recoil and tried to shoot it in my two new saiga 12's and it jammed about every round,with the setting set on two, so i had a gunsmith open up the gas ports and now it cycles that ammo fine, very quick fix, and not expensive. hope this helps you out.!!!!!!!!!!1
  15. I bought rem.sts low recoil ammo and tried to run it through my S12 and it jammed just about every round, took it and they opened up gas ports and now it shoots fine and i was using 10 rd mags so i can say it was not the drum, just the ammo,because it would fire reg. rounds. Mike don't worry we all know the truth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! have a good one
  16. Hey mike quit screwing with A,A, and get the second round of drums made and shipped,the consumer will make the choice of who's they want. And it looks like from what i have seen you don't have anything to worry about, the vids are great keep up the good work, NOW GET BUSY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. IF it is a norinco sks paratrooper that accepts ak mags i see them at north carolina gun shows once and a while for about $350.00,but there hard to find,i know the mak-90 norinco goes for about $500.00
  18. I just ordered a bulgarian 75 rd drum from dph arms $159.00 plus shipping loads for back
  19. Go to your range and see if they have one you can shoot, the saiga will sell its self
  20. Thanks for the heads up just ordered 300 rds 00 buck
  21. I wish that was true... but all the emails I receive from people asking about a reliability service, if I will sell spart parts when (not if) they break, and all kinds of stuff like that. I have had way more than one person tell me the BS they say about me and my drum. I wish it didn't have to be like this but it does. They was liars from the start, they are liars today, and they can kiss my ass! No offense to you of course, just stating where I'm coming from. Yeah, we all know better here, but obviously A LOT of people know nothing of this place or they would be buying that POS for $500 on Gunbroker. I'm going to sell my Wraithmaker there now as well. I think I'll ask a $1000. It is broke but they can repair it due to it's modular design! modular design.?.?.? what a bunch of tools!!! No offense taken,i understand you have to defend yourself,against all the B.S.,well done nice videos, carry on brother
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