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  1. What the hell are they putting in the water up at Virginia Tech? It seems like every time I turn around in Virginia, some new nutcase from Blacksburg is doing something crazy...
  2. The average home-builder seems to spend anywheres between 10-25 hours on a receiver depending on experience level and equipment, so this isn't the most economical option by any means. It is, however, lots of fun, and a great learning experience if you are a budding machinist. They also fail to mention that a decent lathe is the only truly viable option for most of the threading and drilling operations, or that without very fine grade elongated endmills, the back and through cut on the FCG cavity is going to be a pain... and the magwell is either going to be ten hours of drilling and filing
  3. Eh, the "as long as none of the original parts are substituted with replacement or additional parts" line would indicate that any swap of magazine is considered assembly, compliant or not. Of course, this has held to be true in most of our minds for several years now. If everyone is gonna keep writing them letters, someone might as well get to asking the question "When are you guys gonna start prosecuting people on Gunbroker and similar sites with suspiciously constructed weapons?" Or even better, "When are you guys gonna reduce the compliance parts count to zero and come grab everything
  4. Folkien


    Well, you know what they say about the real world. lol Some other info since this comes up every now and then. Everyone will do it differently so take it for what its worth. I mix mine 12:1 with no reducer. M.E.K. is hands down the best for cleaning your spray equipment. Acetone will work but not near as well Do not spray outside if its humid. It will not come out right. It gets chalky I am looking for a cleaning solution for pre paint. it would be nice if it could be a bath style. Flash rusting is an issue even with a heated solution. Any ideas ? I've been doing al
  5. They come up on gunbroker every so often. Also, check out http://www.onesourcetactical.com/index.asp...&ProdID=772 Or cheat a little with http://riflestocks.com/catalog/product_inf...products_id=397
  6. To transfer, yes, manufacture, no. Plus there are fees through your transferee anyway, so you're gonna end up spending way more than it's worth anyway. Personally, I never saw the interest in shotgun AOW's, with the exception of some of the better built 3/4 rd. pump guns out there.
  7. KVAR is currently out of stock, but: http://www.k-var.com/shop/product.php?prod...=290&page=1 Alternatively, check out: http://www.onesourcetactical.com/index.asp...&ProdID=772
  8. With AR's, this is a moot point, since getting a separate receiver is going to cost about as much as getting an SBR stamp for one of your rifle receivers. But I do wonder about AK variants sometimes... good input so far!
  9. I wish .300/221 (Fireball/Whisper) could find some true market demand so someone would start manufacturing the stuff (corbon doesn't count). Outside of a few accuracy problems, and the complicated/costly nature of the related weapons, the round could put up some serious competition for a 21st century intermediate/multipurpose cartridge.
  10. The problem is private citizens are prohibited from accessing the registries required for checking firearms transactions, even prior to the background check system being instituted. As a consequence, it was decided to leave the lack of background check in place post-crime-bill for private citizens. Now alot of anti-gun folk want to fix the problem by preventing private sales, when the logical solution would be providing the background systems open to citizens and perhaps enumerating the particular liabilities involved with a private sale, so that it is left to the discretion of the individ
  11. Yah, definitely go chrome lined. Unless you are particularly against the idea, get a heavyweight/MG barrel for anything 14" or under, bull for above. Trigger quality isn't all too important for short barrels, since you aren't going for match quality anyway. You can always swap out parts of the FCG later. As for vendors/manufacturers, I'm a huge fan of Doublestar as far as the price/quality is concerned. Check out J&T Distributing or Model 1 Sales for nice pricing on full kits.
  12. Yah, Dark Sun Imports has been selling Saiga 12's since post election for $579 per at fun shows, and somehow they aren't all too popular with the Virginia people, so they always have more. Ammo around here seems to all be reloading related. Very few cases of stuff ever up for grabs, and if it is, it's like 20% above SG prices. I've been seeing alot less private sales around the VA gunshows recently, on a semi-related topic.
  13. No. According to the ATF regulations handbook, this is specifically prohibited. Nonlicensees may not purchase guns from other nonlicensees residing in a different state, unless going through an FFL. I recently learned this, and many people aren't aware of it. Technically, this applies to gun shows too, although I assume it is virtually un-enforceable. What separates a private courier from a licensed, insured courier? IE. Who's to say that a person cannot transport a firearm purchased in another state to an FFL in their own state (non-NFA) and have it legally transferred? I've never
  14. Was looking into an AOW PG-shotgun for a while until I realized that between SOT-holder transfer fees, shipping, and the price hike most places charge, I could pick up a 500 or 870 at a gun show, buy an angle grinder, make a nice over-under style stock, and shorten the action to have a smooth handling SBS for about the same price... They're still quite nice, don't get me wrong
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