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  1. I've got a before they were famous Red Jacket built M70AB2 that has the behaviour. I've never seen it as a problem. I think anyone hurt by the behaviour of the FA safety bar would be an example of evolution in action and the world is better off without them.
  2. There are a couple of threads about this gun in the MKA1919 section of the forum including reviews from members that have already purchased it.
  3. I doubt any of us will have the occasion to use farse in the correct sense in our lifetimes. So, while you're technically correct, it's still a misspelling. Personally, I don't care if people misspell things with which I agree, or even disagree. I tend to look beyond that. However, many people, especially shit-crazy liberals, won't, so be correct in your wording. I was actually agreeing with you. My original post was directed toward Darth Saigus who was attempting to correct your correction incorrectly. I'm willing to bet both the original mistake and DS's mistake were a result o
  4. That's way messed up. May I ask which one? Did they say why? I've bought plenty of ammo at the one in RTP/Morrisville and they've never asked. It's been been a while though ... I wonder if this is some new policy they've decided to implement?
  5. Red herring ... Federal law limits consumer credit card fraud responsibility to $50. It doesn't matter if the thief runs up $75 or $75000 the limit is still $50. so you would rather throw away 50 dollars on something you didn't buy, rather then the store clerk asking for ID to verify the person name on the CC matches the ID. talk about a stupid way to throw away 50 bucks. why not send me that money rather then throw it away. I'll put it good use; cheap booze and even cheaper hookers Please note $50 is the maximum allowed by law. Every card I have has $0 liability
  6. Red herring ... Federal law limits consumer credit card fraud responsibility to $50. It doesn't matter if the thief runs up $75 or $75000 the limit is still $50.
  7. Farse and Farce are two different words. In the given context the correct word is farce.
  8. Sitting here wearing my Izhmash hat drinking my coffee and eating a slice of lemon pound cake using their internet. I was hoping for some sign waving protesters but alas there are none. Business seems brisk, if this is a boycott I'd hate to be here on a regular day.
  9. This is a similar, no cops though, some what locally infamous story that happened to a gentleman here in the Raleigh area back in the mid 90s: http://www.ihos.com/steakhouse.html
  10. Does anyone have a better, meaning larger, version of this file? I am trying to get this on a hat and have a shop that will do it but they want the logo in a PDF and when I output this into my PDF generator it comes out looking like crap. Thanks,
  11. Colour matched please. Outside Star Wars, the Arctic and maybe a site post white does not belong on a gun ... ever. I should point out this is the primary reason I have not purchased your rails. I like rails but I loathe the logo.
  12. Big second on www.martindale.com. The ratings given there are actually peer ratings and this absolutely how attorneys find other attorneys to do work in areas where it doesn't make sense to send someone.
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