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  1. I would recommend an air chisle. a little noise for about 10 seconds.
  2. If you try and weld to the gas tube, the chances are you will destroy it! It is made of thin metal with a fairly tight tolerance! The original shield is spot welded on and this type of weld does hardly any distortion. If you try and MIG or Tig on thin metal you will most likely end up with blobs of steel you will need to grind down.
  3. I made mine out of 1/8" steel bar. It works perfectly!
  4. I Just looked on Dinzags web site- He uses 6-32 on the 7.62 and 8-32 on the .223. These taps are very common. Use a little oil and take your time.
  5. After reading about backing plates, I made one out of the cover plate I removed during the conversion. It already had most of the holes and fit inside the receiver. Totally invisible doubling plate! Even the Tapco stock fit without any mods>
  6. I would peen the end of the bolt, or use locktite or use epoxy. You will need to practice a lot with a welder before you go near your rifle. It also takes a lot of grinding to clean up the welds, then a repainting. (Trust me, I just finished my conversion a few minutes ago and did all of the above)!
  7. I just drilled out the spot weld with regular HSS bits. I first ground the top of the weld with a dremel and small diameter stone to remove the surface hardening. Then a small diameter pilot bit at high speed with oil ( around .065"), then a full size bit (.165"). This was very easy with no drama involved. I would just make sure the bits were sharp.
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