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  1. Want to buy several fabricated 20-rd Saiga Surefire 12ga magazines for use in 3-gun.
  2. Looking to buy several 20-rd 12 Ga Saiga magazines (Surefire) for use in 3-gun. Anybody making these or selling them?
  3. There are still are gun shows in Kommiefornia? Wonder how much longer that will last?
  4. Sounds like you saved the old woman's life. Did you ever find out why she was being beaten? Suspect you might face a charge from the woman of illegal detainment. In other words you didn't have the authority to detain her with a firearm. Don't know what the laws are in your state tho.
  5. Marlin Guide Gun 45-70-will stop anything living on the North American continent!!!
  6. If you Google "After Action Report 3rd Army" you will find plenty of listings. Search with and without the quotation marks.
  7. The value mostly lies in the eyes of the beholder thus value is subjective. Do some checking around. Have these books been sold before? How much? How much have autographed pictures of Patton sold for? Are they one of a kind items not available anywhere else? Why are you buying-investment? Or you just want to have them? These are just some of the things you need to consider when buying "collectibles." Good luck
  8. Plenty of Hi Point 9mm carbines available on GunBroker-take your choice!!! Also found a new Keltec Sub2000 .40 S&W for $449 Buy Now. Seller says a new Keltec Forend is available for mounting scopes, etc.
  9. Try Atlanta Arms and Ammo's reloaded 10mm ammo for $19 and change. 180g @ 1000fps.
  10. Call Apple Support. They will probably roll you back to the previous version, if possible
  11. Looking for the Saiga Choke kit found on the RAAC website. Also interested in the SGM chokes. Thanks
  12. As a new Saiga 12 owner I am having difficulty adjusting the 2-position gas plug. Is there a special tool for adjusting it? If not, what is the method for adjusting it? Thanks
  13. I recently acquired a Saiga 12 from a forum member and have several questions regarding ammunition and the gas plug settings. I know that setting 2 is for the cheap Walmart ammo. But at what point do I begin using Setting 1 as I don't want to damage it using the wrong ammo at the wrong setting? Thanks in advance
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