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Found 96 results

  1. Is it true that Hoppes 9 solvent is bad for chrome lined bores. i hear it can get under the chrome and attack the supposed copper lining that the chrome adhears to. Ive always used it and it sounds like bullshit. what do you guys think.
  2. So I am wondering if ammo will ever go back to normal and be stocked up again. I doubt any ban will happen so i hope everyone realizes this and calms down with the panic buying. it has caused every shop in town to put a limit on boxes you can buy. its really not worth the trip to town unless im gettin at least 200 rounds.
  3. Hey guys Im wondering what bolt I could get for my saiga 7.62x39 for a spare. I checked out this at midway usa and it looks like arsenal uses bulgarian 7.62x39 bolts..? I would like to get the one from k-var that is meant for the saiga rifle hoping that i get lucky and the headspace is the same. Ive also heard ak74 bolts will work? http://www.midwayusa.com/product/123568/arsenal-inc-complete-bolt-assembly-ak-47-762x39mm-russian
  4. So as most of you know ive been wondering about my hammer dingin up the end of my bolt. well im wondering if it could get bad enough to where the hammer rests on the firing pin as well as the end of the bolt? could this break firing pins?
  5. So Dianne Fienstein failed miserably with her assault weapon ban with the senate. I figured that much but since she cant get her way federally, shes goin for the same laws but in California. I think shes goin after the bullet button and gonna make it hard to get ammo such as background checks and waiting periods and an annual ammunition permit. Shes a fucking moron. Alls she is doing is making it hard for law abiding citizens to protect their families and them selves from the criminals.
  6. Hey guys i had to reface the hammer on my saiga. It was hitting only the top part of the bolt instead of hitting it flush. Any body have similar experiences?
  7. Hey guys so i recently noticed my tapco g2 hammer is out of spec and hitting my bolt at an angle instead of flat and that is causing the part where it contacts to mushroom and smash a little bit. can i use my stock saiga hammer until i reprofile the g2 or buy a good hammer and trigger group.
  8. Hey guys I know I will get knocked for this but I wanna ask anyway. So I think my hammer spring is actually too stiff and I think this because my bolt on my other saigas is even where the hammer makes contact but on this particular one it is leaving a small enough dent where the face that contacts the hammer is wearing very slightly uneven. I dont think it will get any worse but I just had to ask. Does this really matter. I tried to take pics but my camera wont focus that close. If you look at the rear end of your bolt where the firing pin is struck I think it should be evenly wore but on mine the hammer is kinda smooshin the top a little bit more than everywhere else. Should I worry about this or not? And I have a wolff recoil spring extra power and was wondering if it could damage the front trunnion where the bolt carrier makes contact due to the faster return. What do you guys think?
  9. Hey guys remember that gas tube I was talking about purchasing a while back and I was complaining about it being too tight. Well it someone how, after shooting about 1000 rounds with it loosened up a bit. It has a tiny bit front to back and up to down but doesnt affect performance in any way. Should I worry about this?
  10. From the album: Variety

    AKAR-DA (project in work) features: - built-in permanent AR mag adapter with LRBHO (solid 4140); - "bird cage" flash suppressor on 1/2x28 barrel threading; - MI 30mm AK sidemount; - Leatherwood CMR 1-4x; - custom Fuglystick hand guard; - Harris bipod.
  11. When I try to post a pic i am unable to is there something wrong with the server or is it on my end?
  12. Hey everyone so Ive been playing with saigas for a while now but i am now ready for something a little more challenging. I wanted to know if you guys could help me out and tell me everything i will need to complete my first ak build from scratch. i dont wanna stamp my reciever so im gonna get one from nodakspud.com, the "ez" reciever that fits all akm parts kits and is already heat treated and drilled for rivets. Other than a rivet kit, akm parts kit, and reciever, what other parts or tools will i need? I know it has to be 922r compliant so ill bust that with a tapco trigger group an american made muzzle device of some sort and what ever else is needed to comply. Any help is appriciated as always.
  13. From the album: Variety

    Leatherwood CMR 1-4x green dot/horseshoe on MI 30 mm AK mount
  14. Another CRAZY PAT Sale. First one on this Forum, With the stuff I own, probably not the last. This is a collection of a little bit of everything. Take a look, maybe you'll find something you can live without. Everything is SHIPPING INCLUDED to CONT US. If you think I'm out of line well... shoot me a best offer, what's the worst that can happen, I giggle and say no? Postal money orders are best. On with the show this is it; 3 Israeli Grenade pouches, nice stamps, all dated 1977 - $20 4 Battlefield pick up slings. Cetme, PPHS, Old Leather Hungarian and SKS - $18 East German Tobacco can cleaning kit for AK74, new in plastic wraper with intact paper issue tag - $15 <--SPF Russian Navy Mosin Nagant BLACK Sling and Ammo Pouches, No date stamps on sling, only one pouch is dated 1970 - $35 10 British 303 stripper clips and undated British pouch - $12 New in Bag, Chinese SKS Sling, Oil Bottle and Cleaning KIt - $18 SKS Scope, Scope Mount, Metal Handguard and Shell Deflector - $40 <--SPF Mount and Scope are used/good+ by LEAPERS, Scope is 4x25, Handguard and Deflector are New old stock/ never installed AKU-94 Bullpup Scope Mount. Came with the kits from K-Var - $35 USED but still serviceable, Replaces rear sight leaf Romanian AK74 Matching Green Nylon Sling and Bayonet - $40 <---SPF Sling is New in Wrapper, Bayonet is Very Good, Matching #'s on Band and Scabbard Romanian AK47 BLACK Leather Pouch and Bayonet Set - $40 Both have Some Storage Wear but nothing truely bad. Pouch is Full of Stamps, Dated 1981 Matching #'s on Band and Scabbard Russian Veshmeshok Back Pack - $25 Like New, Full Side Straps, Nice Stamp, Dated 1998 If you made it this far, Thanks for looking. Now BUY something Damn it! Patrick Open to trades also, like I need more SHIT!!!!
  15. Hey I was wondering what the cuts were for on the chamber face. You know how it has a step down and 10 o'clock and 4 o'clock. Enlighten me.
  16. Hey guys so I have a few saiga 7.62's and finally came across one with a stepped chamber. It seems to me that the one with a stepped chamber kicks and muzzle climbs noticly more than the others. I have an ak-74 brake on all of my saigas. What do you guys think.
  17. Hey i doubt this is true but someone i know was saying that they are talking about banning the foreign mil-surp ammo. Is this true you guys? I doubt it.. (who knows what will happen after that piece of shit murdered those innocent childeren).
  18. From the album: Variety

    My "newborn" .223 Saiga's mag well view.
  19. From the album: Variety

    My "newborn" .223 Saiga "as-received" with built-in AR magazine well and LRBHO by Definitive Arms, Tapco stock and PG and "bird cage". RHS view.
  20. Hey guys so i picked up my new saiga today. Very happy with it but just had one question about something. Look at the picture and see how the spring doesnt sit flush..is this normal? I have not seen this before. All the hammer springs I see sit on the trigger flush. Just wondering.
  21. So what does everybody think about the quality of a converted Saiga Ak-47 versus Romania, Egyptian, Yugoslavian, and all other Ak's?
  22. Hey guys I was looking at one of the nice Chaos quad rails for the saiga 7.62x39. I was wondering, there are 2 set screws on the bottom handgaurd that screw up to the barrel to make it solid. I am wondering if that would affect anything on the barrel?
  23. The pumpkins vanished! http://youtu.be/3U8xlVwz6ac
  24. Hey everybody i know it is actually bad to dry fire some weapons, but is it bad to dry fire a Saiga rifle or an Ak-47? I assume the answer is no. Wutcha think? ...and this is my badass Avtomot Kalashnikov.
  25. Sup guys just wondering if theres any body on the forum that lives in Humboldt County..
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