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Found 231 results

  1. From the album: Variety

    AKAR-DA with its toys. RHS view.
  2. From the album: Variety

    View through the Aimpoint CompC2 on hacked rearward VOMZ side mount, set up for lower 1/3 co-witness.
  3. From the album: Variety

    Aimpoint CompC2 on hacked rearward VOMZ side mount, set up for lower 1/3 co-witness.
  4. OK, this is so crazy and too-good-to-be-true, but according to Russian newspaper (Google translation): Source: http://izhlife.ru/events/37969-stiven-sigal-mozhet-stat-licom-izhevskogo-koncerna-kalashnikov-v-ssha.html Any more sources? Anything from our Russian Comrades? Vinni83, how copy? RWS: confirm/deny? Keep your fingers crossed and pray hard for this to happen!
  5. I don't have the ability to post a picture at the moment, but long story short, I had a Bulgarian AK-74 FSB installed on my Saiga x39, and the smith who I had do it for me installed it, leaving about 1/8" between the front edge of the FSB and the muzzle. That being said, will this decrease the effectiveness of any of my muzzle attachments due to more of the muzzle possibly sticking into the attachments? In my AK-74 brake, the muzzle sticks out almost in line with the first hole (if that makes sense). It's not a problem as long as the performance won't be hindered..probably too late to change it anyway. Thanks all! (My first thread on this forum)
  6. Hi all, been a long time...unfortunately circumstances are such that I need to let this one go: Converted Saiga .223 16" (purchased new by me in 2008, converted in 2009, hasn't been fired since 2010) DPH Arms Over-Sight Phantom Flash Hider Tapco G2 Trigger Tapco Galil Foregrip Tapco Adjustable M4 stock and SAW grip Mojo Micro Click rear ghost ring sight (best iron sight option for the AK IMO) CQB Sling with Uncle Mike's swivels Surefire 30-round magazines (qty 3) The gun probably has about 500 rounds through it, maybe 200-300 since the conversion, sweet shooter, probably the most accurate AK pattern I've used to date. Cosmetically, I planned to powder coat/paint the receiver post-conversion, but it never happened (bought a house, had a kid, yadda yadda yadda). So, if someone wanted to give it the final cosmetic treatment, I'd be stoked to see the end result. Mechanically, the gun is dialed. I've used all 3 mags and it has been 100% reliable with every kind of ammo I've fed it (Tula, BB/SB, Wolf, Winchester, PMC, etc). Not really interested in trades, I need the money. SOLD!!! Buyer will pay shipping/transfer to their friendly, local FFL. I will package things nicely. I'll miss this gun, I've had a lot of fun with it, but time to move on. I've included pics to show the cosmetics and WYSIWYG! Cheers!
  7. In honor of my fellow Veterans, I'm putting my Solvent Trap Adapters on sale for this weekend at 25% off normal retail. Place your order via email or even reserve your adapters here...No phone orders over the weekend Please. Sale pricing good thru Tuesday at midnight. This includes the new offerings,( SKS,,13.5 LH,, Generation 2,, ect) as well as the original traps. Please mention Saiga 12 forum sale with your order.
  8. I am just about to buy either a MKA 1919 or a Vepr 12. I am based in the UK and will only use for practical shotgun competitions. With my budget I can only get the Standard Vepr 12 but the MKA will have a new stock, Level 10 tooth and nail forend, new bolt handle, trigger replaced, new gas block etc. Both these come out between $2,500 and $3,000 Which should I buy? Steve
  9. I'm getting a FTF as seen in the first picture below (happens usually on the first or second shell in the mag). The second picture shows the view from the magwell (hang up area circled). And the thrid picture shows how it looks when the factor 5 round mag is loaded with all 5 shells in it. I have good gassing of ports and mechanics of the bolt operation along with the CSS kit with puk and spring. I also have the md arms 5 setting plug. I could run Federal bulk through this without any issues for the longest time (hundreds of shells). It was until I installed the Tac 47 magwell (which I don't think is the problem itself, as it aligns evenly. The mags sit flush in the well as they did without the extended magwell (meaning the magazine ribs evenly against the bottom of the original gun well. Please read below above the picture descriptions, any ideas on what is causing it and what I could do to possibly fix it? This shows where the shell nose (front) is hanging up at the upper chamber lip/step. This picture depicts what I think may be causing the shells to hang up, but no modifications or filing was done to that are where the lip of the shell sits when chambered. The front of the shell seems to hit there. I'm suspecting the feed angle and/or pressure of the below shells are causing the loading shell to press up just enough and hang. Also, what is that area circled in red exactly called where the shell lip sits against when chambered? This is showing with the factory 5 round mag fully loaded with 2 3/4 shells. Notice it fits within the barrel hood at the upper left of the shell, so it doesn't hang up there as others had issues in the past.
  10. Need 2 floor plates for Surefire Saiga 308 mags. Thank you.
  11. Jaba1017


    From the album: Firearms

    SLR 106, Saiga .223, Saiga x39, Mosin PE, Saiga .308
  12. SgtRaven


    From the album: Variety

    ver·sa·til·i·ty... AKAR-DA & Co.
  13. From the album: Variety

    Certainly, they look good together.,,,
  14. not sure where to put the WTKnow whats it worth threads. Mods are welcome to move it accordingly. Trying to get an Idea of what to sell this for. Being Saigas are not being imported (to my knowledge ) Its hard for me to gauge prices. Its a Tactical Saiga .223/AK102 conversion done by Overland Industries I believe from either 09 or 11. I can double check if need be. Has: linkage holes have been riveted up new paint job correct ak trigger guard Kvar US made handguard G2 trigger set ultimak rail Hogue grip 1000m rear sight leaf bulgarian FSGB CNC worrior extended flash hider. barrel has been professionally cut and recrowned, and flash hider permanently attached AK/AR buffer tube with magpul 6 position adjustable moe stock Bipod US piston(not sure, can double check) comes with 1 30 round bulgarian clear mag with magpul about 60 rounds of federal brass through it. Very accurate. Very tight groups when I sighted in. Any help is appreciated, Thanks G
  15. I just posted an update of Izhmash recovery and few pictures from the factory (link below) on another forum, but wanted to share this factory picture of flat-top AK (AK-12).. Who is up for a challenge (dog-legs and "duct-taped" Picatinny don't count!)? http://forum.saiga-1...cy/#entry758954 Original story (in Russian), named "Kalashnikov remains in the Army": http://www.mk.ru/pol...ya-v-armii.html "PR" picture of AK-12: Source: http://world.guns.ru...ov-ak-12-e.html
  16. From the album: AKs and the Dragunov

    Bit of an arty shot!
  17. I recently came into some 5.45 magazine bodies that were stripped of the internals. I have picked up some floorplates and followers and have ordered the springs.I have not been able to locate the floorplate retainers. Anyone have any ideas on where these might be found or some cheap saiga 5.45 or .223 mags cheap to butcher for parts ? Thanks in advance.
  18. From the album: Variety

    AKAR-DA with Aimpoint CompM2 on side mount.
  19. 186524376acADwashington
  20. Hey guys.. First post here.. Been lurking for a while though. I think I'm going to go with the Surefire quad rail for my setup... I want to use an angled foregrip on it, however. I'm not sure if the bottom rail on the Surefire quad rail goes back far enough to adequately use an AFG. I would maybe also possible want to mount a bipod at some point. Does anyone have any experience with AFG on the Surefire quad rail? Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  21. Hello everyone, I am looking into putting a bullet guide on my Saiga .223 so that I can hopefully get cheaper magazines. My problem is that I am not doing a conversion to more of a traditional AK on my rifle. I am looking for more of the low profile Dragunov look.. so I don't want a big ol 30 round mag hanging out.. Just seems like it would look goofy. Does anyone know there are many 10-15 round AK 47 mags for a decent price for a .223? Or should I just deal with a 30 round or stick with Saiga specific mags? I've done a little bit of searching and haven't found any that aren't more than the regular Saiga mags. Was wondering if maybe you can direct me to desired mags, if they exist. Thanks in advance!
  22. I haven't tested this out yet but it seems like it should work and it doesn't look really cheesy or backyard mechanic ish. Just went down to the auto parts store asked for a small diameter piece of vacuum line. since I only asked for about 5 inches of the stuff they let me have it for free. Only other thing needed is some super glue and about 5 mins. I cut off about 2.5 inches of the line, ran my pocket knife through one side of the vacuum line, put a small amount of superglue on the edge of the dust cover that needed to be covered. Then I slid the sliced piece of vac. line in place and pressed it firm against the cover for a couple mins. You can see where some of the glue is showing around the edge of the vac. line. If I had been a bit more careful you wouldn't see any and the fix would look super clean. I'll try to get out and test it soon and report back. -lol I've had my camera for 6 years and I just found the macro setting-
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