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Found 231 results

  1. TOPCH3F

    My saiga 12g

    My saiga 12 w a 37mm launcher, bi-pod, red dot on top, & red dot on side, green laser, green light and 10 1/2" flash break, also have a 20rd drum for it. I still can't decide on the stock I want to put on it, I'm wanting something big/bulky looking
  2. TOPCH3F

    My saiga 12g

    My saiga 12 w a 37mm launcher, bi-pod, red dot on top, & red dot on side, green laser, green light and 10 1/2" flash break, also have a 20rd drum for it
  3. Starting this post because I am stuck at a crossroad. I have had a certain sling upstairs tucked away in storage for quite some time now and I cannot seem to find any information ANYWHERE regarding it. It has on it "KALASHNIKOV USA" on the front and "MADE IN RUSSIA" stamped on the back. There is also some stamping on the leather. I find it to be a pretty cool piece. I would love it someone could educate me a little bit more on it. I also searched forums and was not able to find anything, but sorry in advance if there is already a topic. Thanks guys Posted below are a few pictures I took before heading off to work. I know the quality is kind of crappy, but let me know if this sling is even worth anything. thanks again Front Front zoomed Back Made in Russia Print Some kind of logo/phrase stamped into the leather
  4. cSnells

    20140422 171833

    My K-Pup
  5. WTS never used OEM Dragunov Saiga Stock with all the hardware. Taken off S308, not a sinlge shot fired prior to it being removed. Asking $20 plus shipping.
  6. WTS OEM never used Saiga Stock. Taken off S7.62 without a shot being fired through it prior to conversion with hardware included. Asking $20 plus shipping.
  7. debo3883


    From the album: Stuff

    A couple of the "evil" black guns. And a pea shooter at the bottom;)
  8. From the album: YWHIC Album

    New 11/2013 Saiga just did up with NOS Polish wood from Apex, E German Folder from WAC, CSS parts..

    © © 2014 YWHIC

  9. From the album: YWHIC Album

    My 11/2013 rifle all done.. G2, Damage Ind Comp/Brake, E German Folder, CSS lower HG retainer, vented gas tube, B Guide.. Polish NOS laminated wood set.

    © © YWHIC 2014

  10. Bought three rifles right before/at the sanctions. All three were bought for investment purposes: Now I want to keep them all. However common sense says to keep one and keep two unfired down the road for investment purposes. So which one do you keep? From left to right: VEPR 23" .308, Saiga 7.62x39 converted, or VEPR 16" 5.45x39? I love the wood on the VEPR 5.45 so regardless of whether I choose either the .308 or the 5.45, that wood is coming with the rifle. A little background.. I have multiple .308's but no AK format. I have another Saiga 7.62x39, but not a full wood version. I also have two other rifles in this caliber, and have stocked up on ammo. Finally, have no 5.45x39 anything (including ammo). It would mean I would have to start stocking a new caliber in ammo for one rifle. This seems like a logical choice not to keep, but I love the looks. Thoughts, opinions?
  11. UPDATE 07/23/14: EVERYTHING IS SOLD Hi guys, I am looking to sell the following Saiga-12 drums. NOTE ABOUT SAIGA-12 DRUMS: These drums are designed for the Saiga-12 models without a mag well only and WILL NOT WORK in the mag well equipped Saiga-12s, Vepr-12s or Cantamount Furies. Due to the liberal manufacturing tolerances causing slight variations in mag catch sizes between different Saiga-12 weapons, both MD Arms and ProMag ship their drums with generously oversized locking lugs and fitting instructions which involve filing. They might lock into your gun as they are or they might require a bit of filing off the top of the locking lugs until able to lock in. In addition, these drums are designed for the standard sized 2 3/4" shot shells only and will not work with either 3" inch shell or certain cheap foreign made 2 3/4" shells, which are slightly longer than normal. Both MD Arms and ProMag offer very generous lifetime warranties for their drums. I CANNOT ship these drums to the following states: Alaska California Colorado District of Columbia Hawaii Illinois Maryland Massachusetts New Jersey New York WTS: MD Arms Saiga-12 20 round Drum with Two Extra Covers (NEW, in original packaging) Pic: Brand new, unopened drum that I've had sitting around. The asking price is: $90 (shipped) MD Arms Saiga-12 20 round Drum (USED, in excellent condition. Drum only) This one is used, but not a whole lot. Works perfectly, but has a few unavoidable minor scuffs on the body. As per MD Arms' instructions, I had to file the locking lug until it locked in my gun. Chances are, it will fit perfectly in your specific weapon, but if your mag catch is larger than my S-12's, you might have to file the locking lug a bit more until the drum locks in. However, if your mag catch is smaller than mine, the drum will have a little bit of play when it's locked in, which isn't a big deal. Pics: The asking price for this one is: $70 (shipped) ProMag Saiga-12 12 round Drum (LIKE NEW, drum only) This surprisingly good quality and perfectly sized "mini drum" is in mint condition. I've tested the manual feeding, but never had a chance to take it out to the range. It locked in perfectly in my gun, not requiring any fitting (your results may vary). Pics: Asking price: $60 (shipped) SPECIAL PACKAGE DEALS: Both (2) MD20 Drums: $150 (shipped) All three drums (x2 MD20s & x1 12 rd ProMag): $205 (shipped) PAYMENT AND SHIPPING DETAILS: Payment via discreet PayPal. Drums will be shipped via USPS First Class. I pack my stuff well and ship the next business day or sooner. Post "I'll take it <item name>" as a reply here and PM me to buy something. Thanks for looking!
  12. SOLD Hi guys, I have a Promag 10 round Saiga-12 drum for sale. It's in like new condition. It's been taken out of its packaging, loaded and inserted into my shotgun just one time, but I never even took it out of the house. I threw away the packaging, so you get only the drum and the fitting instructions paper slip. It didn't need any fitting for my gun. It's covered by ProMag's life-time warranty. I will not ship this drum to the following places: Alaska California Colorado District of Columbia Hawaii Illinois Maryland Massachusetts New Jersey New York Asking price: $55 $50 (shipped USPS). Payment through discreet PayPal. I pack my stuff well and ship within a business day. First person to post "I'll take it" and PM me, gets it. I will added some pictures later. Thanks. Pictures: Size comparison with an AGP 10 rd stick mag:
  13. Hello everybody new guy to the forum here. I usually build AR-15s' so I'm still fairly new to the "AK" platform. I bought a Saiga sporter in 5.45x39 and want to convert it to the standard AK style. I recently saw a Saiga variant by Krebbs Customs that caught my eye, so my new project is to modify my rifle around the Krebbs Custom UFM Keymod Rail. Everything seems pretty staight forward, except I want to move the Front Sight Base closer to the shooter and thread the muzzle.I know with dimples holding the front sight base secure the holes could be a problem filing in. My main question is: Is it practical to move the front sight base closer to the shooter? How difficult would it be do it? How do I fill the dimple holes? If I did all that I would have it cerakoted. I havn't seen anything on ANY forum that talks about it. My goal is for the front sight base and the rail to meet like in the second picture attached (yes I know that's a shorter barrel in the picture). Realistic or not??
  14. From the album: cpk-photos

    Kushnapup modded S12 with: - LaRue Tactical Irondot w/ Docter II reflex sight - Anglesight (for scoping out around corners) - Chaos Porkypine & Warthog ... resting up against a plastic skeleton.
  15. Saiga 12 gauge Semi automatic shotgun that has been extensively customized for performance. This is a converted Saiga 12. Here is the modification list: 1. Factory stock removed 2. Trigger group moved forward and replaced with G2 trigger group 3. Installed Tromix D-I-Y trigger guard and SAW pistol grip 4. Factory tang removed and internal ACE receiver block installed 5. Gas block removed and 4 gas ports opened to 5/64ths, retaining factory angle 6. Gas port aperture adjusted making all 4 ports visible 7. Smoothed rails that the bolt carrier travels on 8. Replaced factory gas puc with CSS puck 9. Replaced factory gas plug with autoplug 10. Replaced factory recoil spring with low recoil spring from reliability kit 11. Replaced factory main spring with JT engineering spring 12. Installed push-button folding mechanism and 8.5'' ace skeleton stock 13. Had Pauly re-profile trigger group, main spring, hammer, bolt and carrier (including a nice job making the trigger look match-grade) (see pictures). What is included: Saiga 12 including: JT engineering main spring. Pauly modified: trigger group, bolt, carrier, Krebs manual BHO, G2 hammer ACE 8.5'' skeleton stock 1'' recoil pad for ace skeleton Push-button folding mechanism SAW pistol grip Tromix D-I-Y trigger guard Autoplug CSS puck Enhanced recoil spring for reliability 12-round magazine Factory 5-round magazine This gun is in perfect working order. It cycles low brass with no problems, thanks to Pauly and the gas work done. It's a great shotgun and I will miss it, but I've got bills to pay. REDUCED: Asking $1100. + Shipping Must be sent to your FFL, or face to face transaction with proper ID. Will not ship to any state that does not allow their sale and please check your local laws.
  16. I own a converted S308 (and love it), and am currently looking into building either a 308 galil, or a FAL. I already own a 223 saiga and a golani, and my galil mags work in both my golani and my S223. 308 galil mags are ridiculously rare and expensive, and I am curious whether the mags will interchange between my saiga 308 and a galil 308.
  17. cSnells


    Finished Product
  18. From the album: Variety

    RE: Magpul MOE handguard AKAR-DA edition (JK!). Magpul MOE handguard (rifle length), modified to fit my AKAR-DA. (Magpul: how copy?). I am SGT Raven and I approve this message.
  19. For sale I have a Tapco Intrafuse T6 stock Pistol grip for non-converted Saiga screws included. It can be yours for only $35 shipped. I also have a like new Hogue Monogrip for converted Saiga I had it on my 7.62. I will include a square nut and screw if needed. It can be yours for $20 shipped. Thanks!
  20. Hello everyone, I'm new to the community. I purchased a Saiga 7.62x39 rifle from a local shop here in Washington, and then set out on the journey of converting it to not being stupid. Here's a picture if you're interested. This image is a little bit after the conversion process with the grip and before I finished threading the barrel and attaching the compensator and the bullet guide. Anyways, so, an idiot (myself) took his time drilling out the hole for the bullet guide screw, and then took his time with the tap, and, lo and behold, I broke it off inside of the gun. As seen in the picture below, it wasn't entirely flush. Now, that wouldn't have been bad, except I asked a friend for some help. He didn't have the tap extractor, and it was the weekend so we were in a hurry, and he suggested he take some JB weld, and use the broken tap as a seat for it, and put the bullet guide in. So, in a hurry, and once again, an idiot, I told him to go for it, and we let it sit overnight. Next morning I take it out shooting, and it has some issues at first cycling, but starts operating wonderfully. The next magazine I insert, however, is loaded with this old surplus ammo. It cycles a few times, and then I get a jam. I look in and the bullet guide's flat front is catching the tip of the bullet. So, I think nothing of it and unjam and cycle a few more times, firing perfectly. Then, a bullet gets lodged underneath the bullet guide and it pops the guide out. So, this is where I'm at. My guide is out, covered in JB weld, and I don't know where to go at this point. I have thought about taking a punch and trying to punch out the tap, but I don't know how much the JB weld complicates things. I don't have access to a welder either and can't get the darn thing welded on proper. My other option is to try the JB weld again, and put it in more contact locations, AND round off the front of the guide so that it isn't catching on anything anymore. I did a lot of searching on the forums, and saw that there were conflicting opinions between people who have done it, cycled 4000 rounds and made it work just fine, and I've seen other people go on and on about how horrible it is and that those who do it should kill themselves. This all being said, I'd greatly appreciate any input you guys have. Ideally, since I work in the city, I'd like to work on it this weekend when I'm on the countryside, but I've learned my lesson not to take shortcuts!
  21. Mississippi Auto Arms is adding two new full time positions at our locations in Oxford, Mississippi. The first position is with our online sales and shipping department location. The position will involve processing orders, packaging orders, and shipping orders. While not processing orders, the employee will be responsible for online troubleshooting and posting on internet forums. The application must currently be active on several internet forums, so we can verify the quality of past posts. The cover letter must include the internet gun forums that you are active on and your username. The second position will be at our retail store location in the sales department. The primary sales at our retail location are NFA firearms. The applicant must be an expert in NFA firearms with strong interpersonal skills. Must be self-directed with an ability to adapt to changing conditions and the ability to thrive in a fast paced environment. If you are interested, please send your resume and cover letter to careers@mississippiautoarms.com We will begin interviews March 4, 2014.
  22. Hi everyone. I'm a new Saiga owner and have seen so many different ways to "properly" lube the gun after cleaning. I have yet to see, actually see a pic, of what to and what not to lube. What parts do I lube, how heavy, and what brand? I'm pretty new to guns so any pics of where to apply the lube would be great! A gun smith in my local area told me to just cover it in wheel barring grease because the "AK needs to run wet".. That cannot be right? Anyone know where I can buy a replacement barrel for the Saiga? I think law in CO is 16" Thanks in advance everyone Jay
  23. I'm converting a Saiga .308 and I'm at the step where I need to remove the trigger assembly. I know that I can't just pound the pins out- I have to drill out the shoulder. The issue is that I put one of my bits from my set into my drill press, set my Saiga down, started drilling, and before I knew it I had ground my bit down to two thirds it's length, and my trigger pin shoulder had an indention of less than 1/8th of an inch. Clearly my bits aren't going to go through that shoulder any time soon. I'm about 4 minutes away from a hardware store so I'm thinking I'll head down there and buy a couple more bits. The trouble is that I'm not sure what bit to get to drill through the Saiga's trigger pines and the trigger guard plate rivets. I'm guessing the rivets are easier to drill through, but I'm not sure. I'll also need to use my Dremel to reshape the bottom of the receiver box to fit my new trigger and pistol grip. I'm thinking a metal cutting blade will work... but you guys are the experts. Thanks so much.
  24. 01/06/14 UPDATE: Price dropped to $50 shipped. 01/02/14 UPDATE: Posting this on the Vepr Forum too now. Guys, this is a steal! Chaos had this rail at $85 + shipping over the holidays and I priced mine here to match that (-used item), but Chaos is back selling these at $99.99. Also, this thing doesn't even have a single major scratch on it. I even cleaned and lightly oiled it for you! I am selling this used Chaos tri-rail will all the hardware. It definitely has signs of use, but is in overall great condition. Because Chaos rails are modular, you can get a top or extended top rail from them and turn this into a full quad. Official product description: “Made for Saiga 12, the Chaos Tri Rail System is manufactured to highest standards in the industries. Our MIL-STD-1913 rails are made from aircraft grade 6061 aluminum alloy. Hard coat military specification MIL-A-8625 or Type III non-reflective black. Weight: 10 oz.” One caveat: It has a weaver sling adaptor attached to it (see pics) and the set screw which holds it in place is stripped, making it impossible to remove without tools. I thought about drilling or dremelling into the thing and removing it, but decided that someone might actually want that thing on there and think of it as a bonus. It shouldn’t be hard to remove if you don’t want it though. ASKING PRICE: $55 $50 (shipped via USPS First Class with insurance and delivery confirmation to the 48 Continental States) Payment: verified PayPal only, please. The rail will be shipped the next business day after payment is received (and cleared), using USPS with insurance and delivery confirm. I will provided you the tracking info ASAP. I ship fast and overdo it with the packaging. I am PayPal verified and have great eBay feedback. You can check it here: http://myworld.ebay.com/prizrakat First person who posts "I'll take it" and PMs me, gets it.* *I do reserve the right not to sell to people with no forum history or bad rep. Thanks for looking and please, don't hesitate to post or PM any questions! PICTURES:
  25. Hey Saiga enthusiasts, Here is my "evolution in progress". Wanted to blend the best of both wolds: AR upgradeability and conveniences with AK robustness and reliability. Let's see it in process of conversion. As received: As assembled: As disassembled/field stripped: Stripped receiver: "Poor peasant's" stocked version: Customized and polished G2 FCG, Hogue PG, OEM-style trigger guard, CSS bullet guide (all from Carolina Shooters Supply). With (heavily hacked) MSA AR mag adapter, Magpul MOE stock, PMAG, and StrikeHard Gear chest rig and MOLLE bayo adapter. ACE mech from CSS; plate and AR mag adapters from MSA. Setting up for custom Fuglystick handguard: With custom Fuglystick handguard: ACE folding mechanism: Folded Magpul MOE on ACE hinge, paratrooper style.
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