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Found 231 results

  1. So what does everybody think about the quality of a converted Saiga Ak-47 versus Romania, Egyptian, Yugoslavian, and all other Ak's?
  2. Hello everyone. So I ordered a bullet guide for my 7.62x39 and one tapco 30 round mag. I am also going to file the magazine catch on the rifle instead of modifying all my ak-47 mags..My question is if the tab on the tapco mag is the same thickness as the tab on a steel ak mag? So if i go and file the mag catch lever on the rifle to fit the tapco then go and get steel mags i want the steel mags to fit too..like i hope the tapco mags tab isnt thicker to the point where i file the mag catch lever on the rifle to fit the tapco but the steel tabs are thinner? you know what i mean kinda? please help..
  3. Ive seen these underfolder adapter blocks before and i want one. any of you guys have one? ill pay for it or trade something of equal value for it.
  4. Hey guys I was looking at one of the nice Chaos quad rails for the saiga 7.62x39. I was wondering, there are 2 set screws on the bottom handgaurd that screw up to the barrel to make it solid. I am wondering if that would affect anything on the barrel?
  5. RWC Group is now the exclusive exporter for saigas. dont fret my friends, our beloved rifles will remain available for the time being. find a local gun shop that recieves from RWC Group. I am in no way affiliated with RWC Group LLC.
  6. so i bought another saiga 7.62x39 and it has a stepped chamber..my other 2 do not..i guess some do and some dont..what i wanna know is if the stepped chamber affects anything other than the spent shell casing. i know it kinda leaves a ring around the neck..with the chamber step affect the life of the barrel or accuracy or anything at all.
  7. hey guys what do u all think about this new bumpfire stock? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ldHZFN-UrVs
  8. Heres my new saiga..Ive got about 400 rounds through her already..this thing is awsome..very accurate as well..shot 2.5 inch group at 150 yards with iron sights..Whats up ar fans? Aint got sht on me. ................And yes..i am in California.
  9. I have 3 for sale they are perfect for the Saiga. they are light, tough, new and stamped brand new - Russian Izhmash Magazines polymer -ribbed true black 30 rd 7.62x39 super light and super strong. Made for the ak 104 and 103 type rifles - $75 each shipped paypal ok and a break on shipping for more than one. Only where legal.
  10. STATUS = AVAILABLE My dog broke her leg (Avulsion of Tibial Tuberosity) and she needs immediate surgery (within next 2-3 weeks), which I don't have money for. I'm am forced to sell or trade my new converted saiga 12. I will sell the gun for $800 and this will include the converted saiga shotgun, oil container, tool kit, cleaning rod, 10 round magazine (made by AGP arms) and a lock (required by law I believe). I can throw in the optics mount (in pics) for an additional $25. I can throw in a soft gun case for an additional $25. OR If you live in Texas (preferably close to the Dallas area) and are an orthopedic veterinarian surgeon, then I will trade the gun FREE of charge in exchange for your services to perform surgical repair on my dog (including anaesthetic costs). An X-ray of the injury is at the very bottom for you to assess. Dog age is 4.5 months and weighs 29.5 lbs. Breed is poodle (standard). More on the gun: - Made by izhmash (not sure if in 2011 or 2012) - Converted and legalized by Legion USA Inc - Here is the model http://legionusainc.com/izsl-109a-saiga-12.html - I purchased it less than 6 months ago (LIKE NEW AND FLAWLESS!!!!!) - It's had less than 100 rounds through it - I added an ambidexterous extended mag release after purchase (comes installed) If you have any questions do not hesitate to PM me or post in this thread. GUN VIDEOS http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lX2ZSGxwhks http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=THig-34Pjpg GUN PICTURES SCOPE MOUNT (Additional $25) -- SOFT CASE "Not Pictured" (Additional $25) XRAY PIC (For veterinarian surgeons "Trade" option)
  11. Hey Saiga clan, (Hope I didn't overlook or missed the discussion on topic). I am looking for my "dream rifle case" and thought: why there are no Saiga-branded cases around? I understand that "Saiga" name could be trademarked and owned by Izhmash (I don't know for a fact, but I guess it is). How about Forum's own "Saiga-12" or "Saiga-12.com"? MAKC, Mods: any suggestions? With all talents and resources we have here, there should be a way for someone to come out with worthy designs, specific to Saiga rifles (my primary interest, since I'm in AK clones; specifically in folders) and shotguns. I keep digging for a padded soft case for ages, and most what I see are entry-level (read: "cheep arse") or high-end AR-tailored ones. I've had few so-called "assault rifle" cases and gave them away. Finally I stumbled upon the SIG case and liked it a lot. It's tailored for SIG556/516 with suitable layout and dimensions for AK clone. But since I don't have SIG, I care less about promoting the brand. Any ideas? Any risk takers? I wish I've had resources and skills. Happy Shooting!
  12. Hey Saiga-12 clan, Join the community on discussion of Saiga-branded rifle/shotgun cases. How about Forum's own "Saiga-12" or "Saiga-12.com"? Bring your ideas, suggestions and feedback and post to this centralized thread: http://forum.saiga-1...se/#entry821032 Thanks, Happy Shooting!
  13. Sup guys just wondering if theres any body on the forum that lives in Humboldt County..
  14. "The Vepr 12 is gonna be the same as a Saiga12, but with rails and a thicker receiver. The ticker receiver doesn't matter by the way. The Saiga 12s use a thick receiver as well. Molot doesnt make higher quality shit by any means. If you didn't know, Russia makes its guns in its large factory complexes. The light vehicle (motorcycles, cars) plant at izhmash also makes the AKs and SVDs and Makarovs and maybe some other shit. The Molot plant makes heavy vehicles (tractors and shit), and also RPKs and other shit. The Vepr12 will have its bolt carrier broken just like the Saiga12 gets after a while. Why? Cause AKs were not really meant for a 12 gauge. The thicker receiver does nothing to improve anything really. The only reason that it is thicker is because the plant that makes it is equipped with tools for making RPKs. Saiga12s at izhmash, they have tools to make AK receiver shit and similar. People think that the vepr12 will be cooler than the Saiga12 because the Vepr rifles are cooler than the Saiga rifles. The Vepr rifles are cooler because Vepr is an RPK, which means that it has a thicker barrel than an AK, which matters when it comes to rifle cartridges. Veprs make more accurate rifles than AKs, and they are more rugged due to being thicker and whatnot. The Vepr12 is just a pimped out Saiga12 with rails and folding stocks and pistol grips and shit. You can do most of that to a Saiga12, and youll end up with most of the cost of the Vepr12. What makes the Vepr appealing is the fact that it is ready to go from the box. This means that all you limp wristed ******* dont have to use scary hand tools to achieve a better gun. That being said, I will still buy one even though I am an AK smith. Do you understand?" Any of this true?
  15. HI first post sorry if theres a sticky with step by step instruction on this coudnt find it. I had a bulgarian from arsenal 5-10 years ago and sold it. Im looking to get back in the market. I would like to buy an m92 krinkov parts kit and assemble it but after research it looks like a bout a 1000.00 after I pay a guy to put it together. sooo how would someone take a hunting rifle saiga and turn it into a Russian war horse with bakelite everything? is it possible? thanks in advance
  16. Hi guys, I went pheasant hunting a few weeks ago and begged two pheasants with my Saiga 12. It was a learn to hunt event at MacKenzie Environmental Education Center here in Poynette, WI. To learn more about learn to hunt events (most are free if not only $15) go to your local Department of Natural Resources website and search for "Learn to hunt". I would have given URL of Wisconsin, but I'm not sure if thats okay here so inbox me if you have any questions. The only thing I did to my Saiga was to paint the front sight red with some nail polish. I had fun and loved it, the S12 did an amazing job! Please get out and go hunting with a friend or two even more fun if its a kid! Let me know if you have any questions!
  17. Hey guys, Just a quick question to the experts out here ... working on my Saiga .308 build, generally very happy with the rifle. I am curious though ... while researching specs there is some debate about the receiver thickness versus the VEPR model. Some claim it has a heavy barrel, some claim it doesn't, some claim the receiver is as thick as a VEPR, some say it is a standard 1 mm receiver thickness. Just trying to clear up some issues about S308 construction and durability. This guy on AR15 states: In the .308 version, both brands use the wider RPK-style trunnions (and thicker 1.5mm receiver sheet metal, IIRC). In all other calibers, only the VEPR has those two characteristics. So then, I decide to email Krebs of Krebs customs. He seems knowledgeable. He tells me (very graciously I might add) that the S308 is 50 thousandths of an inch and the VEPR is 60 thousandths of an inch thick on the receiver. Again, can't find anything to substantiate this. I would measure my own S308 but I don't have calipers to take such a measurement and I am currently having the front sight repinned and the barrel threaded. Where are people getting their info from? Anyone have any insight? I would greatly appreciate it. - Ken
  18. I have a moderate-sized pile of magazines, and I need to come up with some money quickly, hoping these prices will make for some quick sales. Prices do not include shipping unless otherwise noted - items will ship USPS, in Priority Mail flat rate boxes with delivery confirmation unless otherwise requested. Insurance is at your discretion and expense. Payment by personal check or money order only - no paypal or other electronic payment at this time. I have ten 30-round Thompson SMG .45 ACP magazines, in good to excellent condition - all of these are pre-ban, blued steel. These are original military magazines and will not fit the modern Kahr Arms/Auto Ordnance reproductions, but can me modified to fit - $16 each Take five or more and shipping is on me. Next up, five pre-ban aluminum M-16/AR-15 30-round 5.56x45/.223 magazines, in good, functional condition - two have substantial finish wear, all have been function tested and work fine - mixed manufacture, three Adventure Line MFG, one Cooper Industries, one Parsons Precision Products. These can ship straight to New York State - $13 each Take all five and shipping is on me. SPF I have one FN FiveseveN 20-round 5.7x28 magazine manufactured during the 1994-2004 high-capacity magazine ban, with LEO markings. This is NIB, removed from the rather shopworn box only to inspect it, never inserted into a pistol - $25 SPF Next up are three CMMG AR-15 26-round .22LR conversion magazines. These are the heavy gray plastic mags with green followers, and are supposed to fit all CMMG .22LR rifles, Ciener, CMMG, and Target Sports conversion kits, and ATI, Chiappa and CMMG .22LR uppers $15 each I have five original 30-round M11/9 9x19 magazines. These are pre-ban steel mags, in varying condition - two are brand new in very shopworn wrap, two are out of the wrap but appear to be new, and the last one appears to also be new, but has a fair amount of surface rust, maybe 3-4%. Doesn't look like it will cause pitting. $20 each, or $90 shipped for all five. SPF Next up are three MD-20 drums, brand new, unfitted, your choice of cover - black, smoke or clear. Each will ship in the original bubble wrap, with the instruction manual. These will ship USPS Priority Mail in a flat rate box for $120 each I also have some Uzi, Sten, M3 greasgun, and PPS-43 magazines laying around - if you are interested in those, I can check what I have and post a price. Nothing will ship to any location where it is not legal to possess or receive. Except for pre-ban magazines where they are lawful, I will not ship assembled magazines to ban states. If you need parts to repair your pre-ban magazines, any magazine can be disassembled and sold as a parts kit, with or without the magazine body, at your discretion - except for the MD-20s. By agreeing to purchase an item, you certify that it is lawful for you to possess and receive. No trades for now, but if things don't sell quickly I may open things up for trades. Feel free to make an offer on anything, worst I can do is politely decline. Any questions? Just ask, I'll try to be as responsive as possible to PMs.
  19. I accept Paypal gift option only. Shipping via USPS Priority mail flat-rate box with delivery confirmation (included in my price) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For sale is a Tapco stock and pistol grip for Saiga conversions or non-converted Saigas. These retail for $60 new (before shipping). I'm asking $45 shipped. It comes as shown in like-new condition with the hardware included. First "I'll take it" gets it.
  20. Im in the market for a "fighting" rifle although ill hopefully only use it for plinkin and hunting. Im on a budget so I cant get a M1A. A few people said I could buy an AR kit but I'd like something more potent than 223 since I will use it for hunting anyway. I know saigas arent meant to be tack drivers but I was wondering if yall could help me get the right saiga configuration for me. I'd like primarily wood and metal or the stock can be synthetic but most of the parts have to be metal. I know plastic is fine but I like heavier guns for some reason if they are too light they feel like toys. I also want the most accurate one Im not going to shoot competion I just like to shoot far.
  21. I've not been able to devote much time here. Just a lot going on. Kinda like that three legged cat in the litter box covering up crap. Solvent traps are in full production, AR 15, AR 10, AK 47 and 74, and a couple other ones you can find on the web store. Watch for the feature gun of the month, Usually a Saiga build, which will be in stock ready to ship. Still selling Econo-cans. Still selling Mitigators. And myself and my bride have been married 33 years on Oct 6th. She deserves some kind of award for putting up with being Active Duty EOD and all my crap To date.
  22. From the album: Saiga

    First day out with rails and grip on. Second time shot.
  23. From the album: Saiga

    First day out with rails and grip on. Second time shot.
  24. ManOnTheHIll

    I have learned a great deal thankfully to the brain trust of this great forum. I almost have enough dough to move ahead with my Saiga .308 conversion. I’ve already decided on the SGM bolt-on muzzle break and the Csspecs metal mags, again, thanks to all the discussions here. I love AKs and all the variants, and plan on making Saiga conversions my new hobby. I have a few questions. First off, I have an awesome Century Arms Polish AKM 60 (milled receiver). It didn’t come with a side scope rail so after much research, I installed the Samson mini-rail that replaces the leaf sights. It really works well for me and is also notched which allows for an iron site co-witness (which I have dialed in at 100 yards). Has anyone else used the Samson RSR1 to mount optics on their S308? Is the Saiga .308 leaf sight the standard AK size? Is there a standard size? What are some other favorite solutions to an optic mount that also allows a co-witness? I’d like to be able to shoot either way without removing my optic (which would probably be a 3-6x30 or something like that). Next, I’d like to get the right FCG kit with the trigger guard that will fit the same grip as pictured on my AKM (I have an extra, it’s a Mako AG-47S. Soooo comfortable) with little or no dremelling required. Finally, any input on a recoil reducing buttstock with adjustable cheek pieces would be helpful. Thanks in advance! This forum rules! -MOTH
  25. Nice quality, just not my thing... Just got a Century-converted x39 on trade. They "ventilate" the handguard as part of the conversion. It's very well done on a mill....just not my style. It also has a nice aluminum picatinny rail (about 1"-1.5") on the front end for Vertical grip, laser, light, bi-pod, etc. Looking to trade it for a factory un-modified Saiga handguard for x39 (I think .223, and .308 might fit as well?) MUST include factory sling swivel, as you would get mine... Picture for reference...not mine...but a better picture than I could take. Exactly like shown but add rail just ahead of sling swivel...I can provide a picture of MY actual handguard to potential trader. Thanks for looking!
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